Gamers Out There?

Hey Guys,

I was wondering if there are any serious gamers (computer or console) out there?? If so, what games do you play and what are yer fav games? If its a comp that makes you get a rush, what machine are you running? Does anyone belong to a clan? Is there a website? Lemme know…

I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I do play Escape Velocity very regularly. As you are obviously a Mac fan and it is only released for Mac, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. highly reccommended game.

i play counter strike, tho im currently playing more of the day of defeat mod.
i only play once every few weeks, when a group of us get together on a LAN, where we go nuts and play for about 5 or 6 hours. after that im sick of it for the next few weeks until we play again. its a good stress reliever, just play and forget about the world for a few hours.

i just bought sim city 4, which is available on mac as well. sick sick game

Boulderdash!! (c64 version)

Dr. Mario until the bright colors make my eyes feel like they’re going to bleed heavily.

Hey misguided,
actually I have never heard of that game. Is it good?

I have become somewhat of a serious gamer (when I have the time). I usually play FPS games like Rogue Spear and Medal of Honor:Allied Assault (now with the expansion pack called Spearhead). I actually do belong to a clan, for those that dont know a clan is the term used by gamers in which team they belong to its not a clan like the KKK :smiley: .

It gets pretty intense, we actually have weekly practice sessions for an hour each and I also had to have try-out to join this clan and we are also the Battleleague Clan Champions of seasons 1 & 2. There are clan battles, which is when 2 clans get together and both agree to battle and there is a winner and loser, just like any sport game. There are statistics and games won vs games lost, kill ratio stats, its soo crazy. You be surprised how organized some gamers really get.

If there are any gamers in here who wanna see the URL of what I am talking about just let me know.

Keep Gaming!!

Me and 55mkenteris used to go head to head in track and field on playstation 2. He couldnt be beat in any event. His friend rocco ran the fastest 100m I have ever seen. He is a genious at the syncronized swimming. How do you do it 55m? Also very skilled at the japanese dancing game you see at the acarcade. I also used to go head to head with the penguin on playstation 1 in the 400m. I think he ran like 40flat or something absolutely ridiculous that no one ever came close too. Its truely amazing what unemployed video gamers can acheive. He used to use a stopwatch to time his splits. He would speed up then completly stop and pause at the last 100m to let his strength go up then start up again. His finish was insane. Just like real life. And also I was famous at college for running a 7 second 100m on track and field. My dorm room the size of a closet with filled with half the track team most of the time. Even the distance runners. One kid, polevaulter used to bang my bureau everytime he messed up in an event. And a couple of times played the game for 24 hours. He sat on the edge of my bed while I was alsleep. Then the next morning I would wake up at 7:00 and he would still be playing… “well later tim”. My roomate would go crazy. Anyways…I have Fast twich all over my body. And my best game is gran tourismo. I used to take splits for every segment of the race track. There must have been at least 20 splits and post them up on my wall at home. I like fifa soccer also, that game is solid.

You “youngsters” missed all the great games ,didnt you?

I play my share of PC games, and I also have a PS2. Play mostly GT3, although I prefer GT2 myself.

Waiting for HalfLife2 and BattleField Command on the PC, those 2 games will make me upgrade from my archaic P3 800 and TNT2 combo :smiley:

You guys should check out America’s Army at its a decent game that US goverment made to try and influence some ppl to join the US army and best of all its only $5.95 US or if your clever I’m sure you know how to get around that :wink: Its also available for both Mac & PC platforms and best of all the game servers are patrolled by the cheat police ( for any cheat mods so you PC’ers out there can finally earn your skill levels legitemately :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah Vito, escape velocity is a slightly older mac game but it has alot of critical acclaim. it sounds dumb but you just have to play it. it’s a game where you are a space pilot and you start out in a little harmless ship and have to make money and upgrade to other ships, and there are tons of special missions you can get, depending on how you play. its like a “choose your own adventure” game. Very addicting, its easy to play for hours.

I also play Rouge Spear too, Vito. That’s a pretty cool game, another one that is addicting.

avid fan of ncaa 2004 and madden 2004

Hey Fabio, on XBox or PS2? Ever try the new NHL 2k3 (I think its called that) pretty intense sports game, especially vs a friend.

I’m 100% x-box. After zapping all my system resources playing Clancy’s Rogue Spear on PC I decided to get serious about how I work and play so I bought an xbox.


  • Sega GT
  • Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic
  • Morrowind
  • Ghost Recon
  • NHL 2003 (sega)
  • Madden
  • Tiger Woods PGA Golf

Xbox is a killer system running a very serious hardware configuration, in my opinion I don’t see another console worth having (maybe game cube).


GT3 = Sega GT’s daddy :cool:

Hey Rupert,
Great selection of games for XBox. When you play Ghost Recon, do you play online? I do, so I was thinking it would be awesome if we play online together sometime. Give me your “call sign” or “Handle/Game name”.
Mine is, I can’t remember, either Nomad or KoSNomad, as my avatar shows.

Also, if you play Rogue Spear, which was/is my fav game, give me an IP address so I can hook up and rumble with ya budd!!

Cya Rup

Hi Vito, Members,

My call name on xbox live is “ReverendX”. For those that see me online, just add me to your contact list.

I don’t play alot online however, for those wishing a game…just ask.