gaining weight in gpp

Weighing in at 71kg, at 6ft :eek: at the moment. Trying to gain some weight in my 10 week gpp. Train on average once a day. This is what I ate today, wondering if its enough? Have no idea how many calories this is. Any other tips appreciated :slight_smile:

meal 1
protein shake:
1 banana
2/3 cup oj
1/3 cup milk
2 scoops whey
1 tblspoon flax
1 teaspoon sugar

meal 2:
200g rice
chicken breast

meal 3:
200g rice
150g steak

meal 4:
macaroni cheese

meal 5:
protein shake:
1 banana
2/3 cup oj
1/3 cup milk
2 scoops whey
1 tblspoon flax

meal 6:
two cans of tuna
1 cup orange juice
handful almonds
1 teaspoon sugar

Gee: I am 5"9" and 80kg. I dont have your problem. I need to shed some Kg. Just briefly you need to add some low GI carbs (rye bread, wholemeal pasta). These type of carbs are great for mass gaining, because they ^ calories & ^ glycogen stores in muscle. So a negative energy balance will not happen.

hey sharmer we are almost clones except im 5’8.5 and weigh 77kgs.

thanks man, but allergic to wheat/gluten so cant. How many calories does one need to eat to gain weight at 71kg?

Why do you specifically want to gain weight?

If you are allergic to wheat/ gluten, try brown rice pastas and brown rice wraps, they are free of wheat and gluten.

Rye bread is gluten free; you can get wheat free & gluten free rye bread.

Your calorie intake needs to exceed calorie expenditure. In your case it’s made harder because you’re not getting enough carbohydrates. You can still get these calories from carbohydrates but you need to buy wheat/gluten free products. It may cost you a little more for these products but will help you gain weight

dude just eat and train, if you do those 2 things the weight will come

Well i am 5’9 in the mornings when gravity hasn’t taken effect. And i would be 77kg at altitude :slight_smile:

Hey, I dont actually specifically just want to gain weight in gpp. I think it will come in gpp as a side effect of hills/weights/eating. I think I made this thread because I was too lazy to figure out how many calories I needed to be above maintenance lol :p.

Ive looked at some charts and I think 3000 plus cals a day should be fine for me.


Thanks, all of my calories are just coming from rice/juice/fruit at the moment.

ya thats wot I hoping lol.

LOL @ altitude :wink: :smiley:

dont forget about things like nuts, nuts are a good source of healthy fats, protein and some carbs, and and have a ton of other health benefits.

add a tablespoon of Good Oil to your protein shake! Sounds crazy, but tasts a touch better i recon. Got the idea from some powerlifters, to help stop the protein drink yuck feeling.

What kind of “weight” do you want to gain? You need lean muscle, the only kind of weight that’s productive in terms of performance. So what can you eat to build lean muscle? Protein please

true, you need protein. you also need calories.
he is already downing two protein drinks per day
1 x steak
1 x chicken breast
2 x cans of tuna
and the rest is carbs, and small amounts of fat from nuts. A lot of the carbs are also simple carbs, as said, turn them into complex carbs would be a good start. And add in some quality oils and fats. They help hormone regulation on top of other vital daily needs and add in calories easily.
Just watch your Tempo, ie, if you eat heaps and dont do enough tempo, you’ll get fat, you dont want that. But to gain muscle, you need 1, calories, 2, protein.
To keep fat away, you need to exercise.
i would Skinfold 1st
gain the weight
then skinfold test again.
See if what you ate and exercised took you towards your goals.
oh, plenty of higher reps in the gym, for plenty of days. ie, 8-12reps, 3-5sets, 3 x wk each muscle you want bigger.

He’s doing 6 meals a day plus exercise. He’s taking flax and there’d be oil in the tuna. Complex carbos with protein and a good balance appears to be the way to go.

Back in the stone age, I was also desperate to gain weight in the belief that more muscle mass would mean better training and comp outcomes.
I gained 14lbs in six weeks, had the size without the results.

That was winter of 75. Went back to Indonesia for three months, played soccer for some team in the intervillage comp on weekends and beach kickarounds at sunset, trekked around Torajaland (central Celebes). In short, came back about 14lbs lighter (back where I started) and long jumped a pb on the back of no aths-specific training, but just based (i think) on improving my power-to-weight ratio. That and maybe also lowering the stress of my own self-expectations.

Ever since that personal experience, I’ve hesitated to advise anyone to bulk up. Get stronger, sure, but not necessarily add bodyweight.

Isn’t Tyson Gay only around 73kg himself? I don’t have any stats on him but recall reading that somewhere. Light but powerful.

thanks. so more complex carbs? bread/pasta etc? I think i can do that. What about fats then? Im thinking of adding coconut milk in there, anything else for fat you’d suggest?

NOt sure, but he looks it.
Tim Mont, was only low 70’s too i heard?
MJ - 400/200m, was mid 70’s i think.

Also, re the tuna, depends on the quality and how is prepaired. I found freswater packed tuna is best for eating, but tuna in brine?? high in oil for sure, but is it the omega 3 or 6oil your looking for?? that im not sure? :confused:

Another thing to look at, re weight gain.
your 71kg right now,
lets say 8% fat (no idea, lets just say)
that gives lean weight of 64.4kg.
now muscle they say is around 30% ish from that weight (bones, organs, etc.)
that gives muscle weight of approx 19.32kg.
if you gain 1kg in muscle weight, thats actaully around 5% gain in muscle mass!! A lot really.

RE the diet, i would try 1st, changing up the simple carbs to complex carbs, ie, brown rice, multigrain breads etc. See what happens in the next 4wks.

I would aim for that 1kg in Lean weight in that time. ie, 5% of muscle gain.

If your still not gaining, add some olive oil to your shakes, maybe a tablespoon to each. And buy some omega 3 tabs or even change your steak 3 x wk to a oily fish. This is on top of what you did the month leading to this point. ie, complex carbs and all them meals per day.

Gpp is approx 8wk right? possably you could or should really only gain around 2kg of lean weight, maybe only 1kg if its stubborn. That way, your not going to blow up like what kk mentions and when you start the strenght cycle is Spp1, your hopefully converting that extra 5-10% size to new power.

its been shown by bodybuilds on mass cycles, that anything more than a 1pound gain per wk is no longer muscle. But in the off season, they put on a lot of fat too. They eat anything and everything and gain many kgs in the off season, tis the best way to gain lean weight, but then they need to shred all that fat before comp. Not something you want to do as a sprinter. Here, you want lean weight gain, no fat gain. you dont want to be striping fat whilst at the same time, doing your Spp3, you’ll have no energy and run real poor. So, avoid eating like them. gain weight slowly and in the designated time frames ie, Gpp etc. After all, its 10wks and that could be 2.5kg?
If you did that every yr, in 4yrs, you would be 80kg, lean, very strong and powerfull. If you keep running that whole time, you will be a powerhouse for sure.
Gain 9kg in 6months, and im sure you’ll be like as KK says, big, but no power and slower.

I think mj was 175lb. anyways thanks for the post. great idea re oily fish. Ill prob throw some salmon steaks in there. Going to change white rice to brown rice too (as I eat a lot of it). I completely agree with the whole gaining lean muscle slowly concept. I am an extreme ecto and dont think I could gain any more than 3kg in gpp let alone any fat. I always wanted to gain a little bit more lean mass as I felt it would push me to a pb later in the season if it was functional, as I am underweight for a 6ft sprinter.

thanks mate.


There a little bit of myth making here, lets breakdown those myths and allow the realities to surface


Excess calories from protein will be stored as body fat. With carbs the advantage is that excess calories can be stored as glycogen initially.


This is not the case, since muscle growth depends more on hormonal response’s to resistance training and the pump of amino acids inside muscle cells. Note, this process is assisted when muscles cells are saturated with glycogen. If your muscle cells are low in glycogen then the update of AA is much slower, that why its important to maintain intake of carbs.


Interestingly, a negative nitrogen balance can occur even when protein intake exceeds the recommended intake if the body catabolise protein because a lack of other energy nutrients. For example during heavy training you may consume a high intake of protein but inadequate carbs and lipids. In this scenario, protein becomes the primary energy fuel, which creates a negative nitrogen balance. The protein sparing role of lipids and carbs becomes very important during muscle growth and high energy demands of intense training. Even worse when glycogen stores are low, this can trigger protein deficiency with accompanying loss of lean tissue.


Muscle growth is stimulated is by the release of GH and testosterone. There are numerous studies in the Journal of applied physiology showing growth hormone and testosterone spikes are higher with heavier loading and lower reps. Multi joint exercises like squats, dead lifts trigger better hormonal response to exercise. Given this, rep ranges of 4-8 are more suitable for growth then 10+.

Excess volume of resistance training through high sets and reps has shown to increase cortisol levels. Cortisol increases protein catabolism, freeing amino acids to be used with the liver for gluconeogensis (glucose conversion). If you want to grow then you need to keep your body in a anabolic state, cortisol is hormone that you dont want.

In your case, you can’t exactly train heavy in the gym because it will effect your sprint workouts, by central and peripheral neural loading. Keep it simple, its best to maintain a positive protein balance by maintaining balance in your diet.

great post!