By member request, enjoy these fine graphics jokes…more to follow

that’s hillarious. I wonder where you found that.

This is a French advertisement for a brand of lubricant. Look at it for a while and you’ll get it.

I don’t understand! but i find it funny that i don’t.

am not messing. The woman is just sitting soemwhere is that meant to be funny!

well whats smoother water or rocks??
took me about a half hour to figure that out… and she is sure sitting a bit funny.

That is HILLARIOUS. That must be one tough woman…


i had to stare at it for a while…
go do my wash and came bak a half hour later and looked again and bingo!!!
how long did it take you others?

about 30 seconds.
…Does this mean my imagination is too active?

I’m on the verge of falling asleep, so will someone please explain this?

scroll up prophet… i explained it

AHH, thats ridiculously funny. I didn’t understand until TV’s comment. I think I have an underactive imagination. prophet, look at the pattern of the things in the ground. I think quick was a little cryptic.

yeah i just noticed the pattern of things in the ground was oddly interrupted. thats a funny one.

HAHAHAHA! I get it, finally! Man, I’m slow.:devil::shoot::baddevil::

holy shit…lol

hahaha, french people…

I actually thought the towels were her legs, then I noticed somehing else :clap::sing:


made me wince :mrt: