Fun News. Justin Gatlin:"Under the right conditions, I can run the 100 in 3.2 seconds

Fun News. Justin Gatlin:“Under the right conditions, I can run the 100 in 3.2 seconds.”

17 June 2006

American sprinter Justin Gatlin recently announced that he can easily surpass his own world record in the 100 meters (9.77 seconds) by nearly 6.5 seconds if the conditions are just right.

“If the winds behind me are similar to that of a Category 4 hurricane without the rain and hail; the course we are running on is a steep, flat drop from the apex of a tall mountain; my shoes are three ounces lighter than usual and sport aerodynamic jet propellers; my mother is in the stands cheering, but not loud enough to the point where it is distracting; the other participants in the race are chasing me with weapons; and I neglect to wear my lucky but weighty gold chain, there is no question that I can run it in 3.2 seconds,” Gatlin said.

“My coach and I have simulated these conditions in practice, and I ran it in 3.7 seconds. With the added adrenaline of a real race, who knows how low I can go.”

U.S. racing officials have said that, though they wouldn’t mind watching this race, any record-breaking time recorded under these conditions would lack legitimacy.

CF will beat him in his overspeed Jetplane run

What can the Cheetah run 100m in?

Shawn Crawford? about 9.85…

i think he ment a real live african hunting cheetah not the third place finisher at USA nationals with a 10.2 run.

but to anwser your question rich. no idea.

really fast maybe?

I read an account in which an 8 month old cheetah ran the 100m in 6.9 seconds…Ill see if I can dig the article up.

With a baseball cap on