Full Time Professional Program

Hi all.

looking for feedback and input from coaches S&C coaches who have worked in a full time professional organisation for input on the following matters.

1 - pre season % ratio of weights / speed / conditioning / skills in the weekly set up.

2 - when to do the above work in the week be it am or pm?

3 - straight line speed v agility what comes first???

We need more info to help you out, like what are you training for, height, weight, sport, etc.

I believe Nanny is a coach as well, but is looking for additional input from S and C coaches to help out with structuring a plan for his athletes (am I about right Nanny?) :cool:

got that right…

coach in both track and team sports in league,
cant give to much away about which team etc.

i have been trying now for about 4 years to get through to them on a wide variety of fronts certain things re training.

i am becoming increasingly frustrated watching them run (sorry walk and or crawl ) up sand dunes then after asking whats this for they say endurance.

the next mornign they want me to run a speed session, then theyll do light skills, the next day heavy weights and goes on and on and on.
and by mid season the guys are shot ducks.

I don’t do anything to do with team sports (because for the short time I did it frustrated me soooooo much). But since no one has replied to this thread I’ll start off the discussions…

In an ideal work (unless you are the head coach I doubt you will get your way) I would go with:

  1. Ratios of High intensity Low intensity similar to CFs e.g. 60/40. Pre season work on speed/power more than endurance because they can run themselves “fit” in the first few games (and improve thier skill) but can’t gain power once the season has started.

  2. Do skills in the AM, other stuff in the PM. Do the slightly higher intensity skill work on Speed days. If it was too high intensity you can always cut the speed work in the afternoon.

6 day pre season might be:

Mon: AM -Light skills, PM - tempo + med ball
Tue: AM - short match practice PM: Short speed work + Weights + Massage
Wed: AM - Light skills, PM - Tempo + Flush through massage
Thur: AM - set pieces etc PM - Explosive med ball + jumps + Weights + Massage
Fri: Light skills session then Tempo session using match skills (for soccer dribbling with the ball for the length of the pitch + passing in pairs then walk the width of the pitch and repeat vary the skills every couple of runs) PM - propreioceptive work + light massage.
Sat: AM Short speed work + Weights PM - deep massage and early home time…
Sun: Flush through massage

You could also do the same but starting on the high intensity day instead. Not sure which is better.

  1. You get into the debate about agility here. Basically i have to ask you… when doing skill work arn’t they working on agility as well? So do you really need to work on it individually in an artifical environment.