Ft. Vancouver Tournament Bash

Dates: July 13 - July 15th
Teams: FC Vancouver Crew (premier),
EV United, South Hill Revolution 91’ (District II Champs) CW Shockers (U-17),
OR Northstar 91’, FC Justice (premier)
LV Timber Barons 90’,

Day 1

Game 1:

FC Justice::: 4-1 :::CW Wolverines
(goalie made lots of saves)

Game 2:

CW Wolverines::: 1-1 :::EV United

Game 3:

CW Shockers::: 6-2 :::CW Wolverines

End Of Day

new rank: still 17th

ok, so by now our entire team is exhausted from the ruthless poundings we recieved by The Shockers and the Crew, and a hard fought tie with the United,
and we’ve still got 1 or 2 more days to go :frowning:

Day 2

Game 4:

LV Timber Barons::: 0-2 :::CW Wolverines
(First win!)

Game 5:

SHR 91’::: 3-5 :::CW Wolverines
(2nd win! we’re on fire!)

Game 6:

FC Crew::: 7-1 :::CW Wolverines
bad game :frowning:

Game 7:

OR Northstar 91’::: 0-1 :::CW Wolverines
(Shockers beat them 3-0 their previous game)

End Of Day
yeah! on our 3 wins and 1 draw, we move on to the quarter finals! thats 10 points)

Game 1:

CW Wolverines::: 1-3 ::: CW Shockers
(should have been a 0-3 game, but we scored in the 80 somthingth minute)

so, our tourney ends there.
CW Shockers whent on to beat the FC Crew
2-0. one was a pk.
not bad for being a year 1 select team.
now we’ll see how the regular season pans out.

New Rank: 15th in the state.