Frying the CNS

Just a quick question, not sure if it has been covered, but after taking an extended break from strength training i.e. a school semester, would it be alright to go to 5 days of training or even 2 training sessions a day.

I know back when I was starting out in training I could handle monday tuesday thursday friday with 2 sessions of 60-90minutes. I was wondering if the same is true now that there was a big drop off in strength until I get back to approaching my old maxes.

For example my bench dropped from 310 to 250 and squat 350 to appx 275 and 6.67 to 6.90 in the 55m after taking off around 3 months from training.
So would it burn me out to just go full blast for a while, or would I be more like a beginner where it would be hard to burn out the cns for a while.

I am not going to try it over the winter break, but I was thinking about doing it over the summer because I am sure this next semester will take about the same tool on me.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Probably risking injury going hell for leather after such a long break and you probably won’t need to dos o inthe short term anyway. Coming back from a braek you will probably feel fairly sharp, most likely be the speed endurance that will be missing.

Why would it be speed endurance that I am missing, especially since it is the 55m, and most of my workouts beforehand were only going out to 30meters anyhow. Plus my slj dropped a foot as well.

Are there studies that say speed endurance leaves sooner or something?

There shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Of course alot of it depends on how you set up your workouts, but I would recommend cutting back a little bit on the volume and intensity of the workout. The frequency should be fine.

Just build back up to it as you feel ready. If you feel that you are recovering easily then bump up the intenisty/volume. If you feel like you are having trouble recovering then cut it back for a few weeks. Your overall work capacity and strength levels should come back pretty quickly providing that you don’t overdo it. Some of it will also depend on what you did during your three months off. If you remained somewhat active, it shouldn’t be too bad.

Training variables should be introduced gradually(low volume), to account for adaptive changes to be made. All elements, whether it be speed, plyos, massage, ems or strength training pose an injury risk if they are introduced too quickly. Even changes in speed/tempo volume or weightlifting exercises pose a danger and require the athlete to be aware of any muscle stiffness or nervous system fatigue.

I think your main problem, after a semester off!, will be DOMS. I’d start with something similar to a GPP type workout. Gradually uping the volumes in different areas, and getting as much massage and regenerative work as possible.