IMHO 150m can be a tricky distance. Coming out of the turn the stride usually opens up a little bit, putting extra stress on the hamstrings. In a 120m this happens after about 40m when you’re still accelerating, in a 150m it happens after about 70m when you have reached a steady pace thus causing a re-acceleration. Some athletes, who have trouble running the turn, may really push it at that point. This is less likely to happen at longer distance like 200m as there is less energy left in the tank.
Just my personal observation, no idea if that played a part in your specific situation. Good luck with the rehab.

Many thanks, will bear that in mind. It has been diagnosed as a nerve problem stemming from the lower back. He has had some manipulation without soreness afterwards is doing some slow running and will be assessed again this week. Will keep you all posted and really appreciate everyones comments.


Think we may have found the cause of the back problem. The guy has changed jobs and is spending more time at a desk, leaning over and writing and at a computer. Have suggested some changes as I had a similiar problem some years back when changed to the job I’m in now. Charlie I’m fixing him up with a good massuer, have found one locally, he said one’s he tried in the past were obviously not very good. :slight_smile: