Front Flip Long Jump

This might be a stupid question… I’m young, dont know much.

Today, in practice, off a three step approach, I did a superman dive and then to prepare f or landing I did a flip. Off that three step approach I effortlessly flew 14-15ft.

Theres a dual meet coming up, and umm, I’m thinking about doing a flip off of my full approach at full speed. I’m not gonna tell my coach, she’ll probaly get mad so I’m gonna jump when she’s not looking.

Hang Style or hitch kick long jumping isn’t working very well, so I’m thinkg of the somersault long jump. I’m probaly gonna measure it on my own first tomorrow. Please tell me what you guys think, and are there rules and regulations on this?

What I have heard is …Years ago gymnasts started using that technique and were actually clearing pits. Since then it has been an “illegal technique”.

Can anyone provide any additional infomation on this?

I just did research
A pro front flip long jumper stated:

“With a conventional long jump, you have to control your momentum in the last few steps and lower your hips at takeoff. But with the flip, you’re running full force right to the board and just continuing that same momentum.”

Some guys where talking about it at

And at this link"long+jump+flip"&hl=en&client=firefox-a

I hope its not banned for high school :smiley:

Banned! No flipping in long jump.

Damn It!!!

Yeah it sucks, but I saw this video of a New Zealand guy flipping and jumpin pretty far, but I doubt (from My own thoughts) that a jumper could get further flipping than with a, say, Pedroso style hitch kick. But I don’t know, maybe I should try it.

Would be very interesting to see someone take on this style in the professional world.

Insane it may seem to some, but as was the ‘Flop’ when Dick Frosby came out with that all them years ago and revolutionized the world of high jumping.

you can be great by just doing the same as everyone else with more talent than your fellow competitors… if not, hope God will bless you with the balls to do something totally different and maybe revolutionize your event.


Or break your neck :wink: … and still, despite martyrdom, have a DQ-mark in the result list. Ouch!

People did LG that way early 20th century - no joke. And they jumped very far (I read)
But it was banned because of high injury risk!

I try to get the source until tomorrow. Anybody else got more info on that part of history?

Well, I got a dual meet coming up, I’m gonna try it. Some of the workers are parents who dont know the rules, I’ll get it videotaped as well.

Hijump, what the heck? I wouldn’t do it. It is banned for a reason. When thinking these ideas through you must think “what positive or negatives can occur?”

1- You may jump 21’

1- Your jump will be DQ’d. If it is not DQ’d at your dual meet, it sure will be in a championship meet.
2- You may injure your neck or shoulder.
3- You will be practicing forward rotation instead of countering your forward rotation.

Why don’t you just high jump off 2 feet or alternate leg bound your triple jump? You might do better but it’s not part of the event rules and will never do you any good in the long run.

In 1974 I was performing the somersault long jump in high school track after my coach saw me perform at the state diving meet. I am still feeling the effects of an injury that I sustained while long jumping. A non-union fracture of the scaphoid in my right wrist. After performing a somersault long jump, I was looking back to see how far I went and as I was walking out of the pit I tripped on the edge of the pit and fell forward on my outstretched hand. All for fame and glory.

Too risky. Jumping is risky enough without putting your head & neck on the line.

Work with your coach on improving your current tech rather than looking for a quick fix with no future, unless of cause an extreme athletics association exists where all techniques are allowed…

I wouldnt do it, you may end up in a wheelchair… :frowning:

Damn it. You guys really had to say that. Now I’m thinking it over. Thanx for your opinions though. Thinking now if its really worth it to add a couple of feet.

Just jump normal man, not worth it like everyone else said.

Don’t think I’m advising you to do it - its ur choice, but if u do, be SURE to videotape it and post it on here if u can - I’d love to see it (if, that is, you do do it).

Two weeks and no word–did you do it?

My cousin did a front flip while jumping in high school in North Dakota. He was All-State, but also severly injured his knee and was unable to compete at the collegiate level due to this.

yyeah. i didnt go very well. didn’t get hurt. got it on video.

Went 16ft, but that was with jogging. Dont have that on video, but I do have a different one. The 16 was with about 4 steps at 60% speed.

I’m over it, matured. I’ll post the video within 2 days