"From Boy to Man" 40 weeks to football

This is my off-season training journal

i’ll start by trying to put on a little muscle over the month of december and january about 8 weeks. here’s what my schedule will look like.

weeks 1-2 I’ll use this time to recovery from the season
mon/wed/fri pull-ups 3x10, sit-ups 3x50, pushups 4x25, jump squats 2x30

weeks 2-5 i’ll work on total body strength
jump rope 5-minutes
stretch 5 minutes
cleans 3x8
squats 3x10 70% ass to grass
pull-ups 3x15
bench 3x10 80%
sit-ups 3 two minute round ( i’ll just keep doing sit-ups at a steady pace for two mintues)
neck work

i might try to run stairs but i’ll see how i feel this week first.

weeks 5-8 I’ll increase the intensity for these weeks and change the days to 4 instead of 3. on all of my exercises the tempo will be 4 seconds down and explode as fast as i can on the way up.
jump rope 5 minutes
stretch 5 minutes
pull-ups 4x12
cleans 3x8
bench 3x10 80%
shoulder press 3x8 85%
barbell curls 3x12
tricep pull downs 3x12
stairs 3 sets*(basement to 3rd floor and back to the basement 3 times is one set)

jump rope 5 minutes
stretch 10 minutes
dead lifts 3x6
squats 3x8
leg curl 3x10
calf raises 3x30
lunges 3x12
lower back, neck and ab work

wed: rest

Thurs: same as mon. but drop a set on each exercise
Fri: same as tues. but drop a set on each exercise
Sat/Sun: stay active