Next year, I will become a Freshman.

This year I ran a 24.89 FAT Season best at My district track meet, and came in 5th

However, all 4 of the people that beat me, will be moving on to D4 In High school,
and Ill be at D3

My Goals For next year:

200 M: 23.00 - 23.50

400 M: 55.00 - 58.00

4x200 M: 1:30-1:35

I’m a rising soph, I ran 24.47 in 8th grade and 55.09 in the 400 then this yr i ran 22.98 FAT and 50.71 FAT good luck with your goals…u should get those.

Those are some good times you have for the 8th grade. I agree, you should be able to get those goals as you mature, but also focus on your Diet, getting plenty of sleep, and being consistent w/ your workouts.

man your grades are far more important then anything else. get the grades and everything else will follow.

gotta agree here. most good track athletes don’t get paid much, only the very top, but plenty of ibankers, engineers, etc. are getting paid. do well in school and track will help land you into a great school, which will lead to even more success down the line, whether it be in track, business, academia, etc.

When I ran the 200m at 23.7, my time at 400m was 52.3. A couple of months later I ran 23.1 and 50.1 indoor. So I think you’re a bit to kind with your goal for the 400m. But ofc, it depends how you train. Try this: (2 * 200) + 3.5-4. You can check that to convert times. It works for me. (2 * 22.4) + 3.5 = 48.3 (which is my pb).