Freshman Year College Track

recovery schedule while back at school:

sun - self-massage
mon - cold
tues - 20’ massage
wed - contrast
thurs - cold
fri - contrast
sat - stretch

Which one is you? The guy with the tights on looks pretty good and the guy in the last video looks a little choppy…Is the last guy you?

This comment is about the first video.

Give up a little bit of the knee lift. It is too high. You are a little too recovery dominant. It is keeping you from applying optimal force into the track with the support leg. As an emphasis try driving the leg down, instead of picking the leg up. Since you don’t have issues with “dangle time” in backside mechs, your leg recovery will largely be a reaction to the forceful action of applying force into the ground. If done correctly your leg will recover more as a reflex…try less to volitionaly pick the leg up will let the reflex work. Your posture is decent and you can move your limbs fast, so don’t stress about any of that right now. Relaxing a little bit and keeping the shoulders down should help as well.

This comment is about the second video.

Why did you do a plyo workout right before you made a LJ video that you were going to put on a message board? My advice is to move on to another event…trying to get better at the long jump might not be the most useful use of your time. Unless 19’6" will do well in your conference, move on.

Actually, another alternative is you could try to pick up more events and try the decathlon. You can hide weaker events inside a Decathlon if you can average them out with some stronger ones. If I haven’t read the whole thread and you already are a Decathlete, then forgive my frankness about your LJ.

60m -> 7.49
200m -> 24.36

-this meet was directly after rush week for fraternities so i’m not sure i’ve ever had a more exhausting week. still, i managed to get a lot of sleep the night before the meet and get a good meal to start the day, though even today i still feel exhausted
-flat, spiked 200m track
-60m just sucked all around, decent start but tightened up and mechanics were just out the window
-200m started well, first 100m felt fantastic, i just dont have the endurance

i’m the guy in the tights

i don’t do lj, i would need to jump over 23 to contribute in the ivy league, haha. that’s a video of my friend who’s jumping d3

i agree, i looked at frame by frames and after my leg hits the top then straightens out it never really actively applies force down and back, it just kinda sits there til the other leg comes thru, explaining why my strides are so short even though my ROM looks to be pretty good


60m -> 7.55

-felt very fatigued going into the meet then slept like over 12 hours the night after. pretty intense migraine aura, didnt even get the headache til this afternoon. i only get them super infrequently when im overextending myself with stress. guess school starting up, fraternity stuff and track just loaded up on me
-mechanically he race actually felt alright to me. i felt like i extended my drive phase, the race felt pretty “automatic”, but i did feel a bit tense and didn’t have a very competitive heat. i was hoping to pr because my practice on thursday where we did some full-speed stuff outta blocks to 30m went so well (was right behind a 6.99 60m runner)


60m -> 7.48,7.50
200m -> 25.16

-tripped during my start of the 200, so then got upright right way and race fell apart quickly then
-in the first race i was right next to a 7.10 runner thru 20m and in the second i was ahead of a 7.30 runner through 30m. exited my drive phase too early in the prelims, and my top speed just blew in the final. there was a big time gap and i dont think i kept properly warmed up. plus im still squatting heavy so often that i think its really affecting my elasticity as far as top speed goes. i have my last two indoor meets the next two weekends. i plan on dropping squatting this coming week then dropping leg lifts the next week. then i’ll lift again fully to spring break which ill take entirely off except for maybe some jogging, then ill squat light/will drop squatting for outdoor. my start is getting better and better further and further out, but i think im really limiting the 2nd half of my 60 with the amount i squat


meet tomorrow. goals are to extend drive phase through 30m, to stay relaxed and to not rush warm-up. i haven’t lifted legs this week, and training intensity has been a bit p, but volume down, so i’m hoping to see a nice pr. running the 60m and the 200m on a flat, 200m spiked track. will post on meets results later this weekend

60m -> 7.55
200m -> 25.01

-was relaxed but apparently wasn’t hitting the high “z” position (triple ext, knee to parallel, create negative foot speed). will work on it

60m -> 7.43
200m -> 24.67
(200m flat track)

-taking a week off from track now that my winter season is over. will start getting back into things next week but not entirely sure when i’m suppose to start attending formal practice again
-got video of the 60m, will post online when i get it
-60m: cleared blocks well and good first couple steps then came upright too quick. once i finally hit top speed, then i held with the field. i am going to try keeping my head down more as i’ve heard the eyes lead the body, and keeping down in a 20m block start is one thing, but once i’m in a 60m race, no longer can just say “stay down the whole time.” finally a pr though. fixed my max v mechanics and didnt have any sort of especially good start, so that .12 i cut from last week was probably all from making sure i was getting the most out of each stride as opposed to forcing stride rate
-200m: got a crappy lane, lane 2 of 8, so i had no one on my left and the tightest turns. definitely slowed down the lats straight away and didnt feel like i “blasted” out onto the first straight away, maybe didnt accel. all the way yet because of how sharp the turns were

might as well post some new goals for my outdoor season now that i won’t be running any more indoor ones until next year:

-relaxation in every track related aspect
-extend drive phase until 30-40m, raise head by 50m
-full ROM at top speed, good but natural frontside mechanics and minimized but natural backside
-pr in every race

(used to have a seasonal agenda listed here)

decided that it’s probably best to just do exactly what my coach administers, even if the lifting seems a bit intense for the part of the season i’m in. cf always said strain to you strengths and my biggest strength is my power to bw ratio plus if it would make a significant difference coach would tell me what to alter if i needed to go off in a diff direction in the program (he has made kids stop lifting in the past)

Recovery Agenda (updated):

Sun - Spot epsom salt soaking (injuries)
Mon - 3’ cold shower
Tues - 20’ Massage
Wed - 3’ hot, 1’ cold Contrast Shower
Thurs - Self-Massage
Fri - 3’, 1’ contrast shower
Sat - 3’ cold shower

-no practice on sundays, so epsom slat is applied right before showering at night
-showers are performed before exiting the shower after practice
-massages occur right after practice
-for next season i would like to get massage tues and thurs and do self-massage before speed workouts

I’m in lane 4, i can see my head come up right before my body follows. hip height also seems like it might’ve been a bit low, possibly an effect of not driving far enough so i was having to force max v? we’ll see in the spring

Weigh in -> 151 (end of indoor season)

Congrats on your PR! That must have felt good. I re-watched the video of your race a bunch of times and noticed that your arm drive off the gun looked to be the strongest in the field. Nice job!

thanks! yeah, my coaches really like how i exit the blocks, and i am generally out in front for the first 5m or so. i was happy to finally see my time go down, though i was hoping for a faster 60m pr coming out of freshman year of college than one im pretty sure i couldve run as a jr in hs, haha. i think i just need to emy head down, relax and make sure that im getting the most out of my strength/each stride and i will see the times drop

took the past week off. feeling very ansy, and a bit sore in my legs, lower back and back of shoulders. i believe i dont have formal practice again til after next weekend, but i’m suppose to do some stuff on my own to keep loose and such. here’s my plan:

sun -> jog
mon -> functional warm-up, standing z’s, hip flexor stretching, slingshots
tues -> full warm-up, speed work, plyos, hurdle stretches, bw circuit
wed -> jog, sport, core
thurs -> full warm-up, accel. pattern work, plyos, primary lifts
fri -> functional warm-up, hill runs, secondary lifts
sat -> something to get loose

thurs would really be my only intense day. plyos and lifting would be easy, running all very mechanics and relaxation based