Frappier Acceleration Sports Training

Does anyone know much about this program? I have been participating in it for the past 6 weeks and I dont feel like it is helping me that much…I had an indoor track meet a few weeks ago, and I am 0.2secs slower this yr than I was last year at this time.

Is this a credible program to continue with in other sports?

I’m by no means an expert…

Frappier seems to be the latest in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) schemes. I’ve been victimized by email from Crappier pushing maniacs. I’ve shown some of the better parts of the spam I get so all can see the demon at work:

The intro

"I have a question for you, have you ever considered developing a set of protocols within a templated program that can be marketed to either coaches or trraining facilities? The resaon why I ask, I am familar with the Frappier program and there protocols and you may not realize this but a complete sports package is sold for almost 15 -20,000 US not including equipment. "

It gets better

“I acknowledge that in the pursuit of speed technique is paramount. Frappier has designed a unique training treadmill that allows technique to be developed, this training treadmill was patented across North America and I do believe is in the process of expiring. I’m not sure what your intentions are but in reading some of the forum discussions concerning development, you have strong fascination with a central training facility that focuses on R&D . These type of facilities normally cost a huge amount of money, Frappier’s program in North Dakota is partly offset by ongoing royalties that the franchisees pay. Just a suggestion and I can’t answer this but is there a correlation between sprinting speed and other sports.”

Then it skids out of control with a follow up message

“Frppier has franchised almost 200 organizations over the last 5-6 years and I will provide you with a receipt showing the cost of the template. I am extremely disappointed in your lack of interest in determining whether this message has any merrit. I did leave my phone #.”

Note this person couldn’t even speel the name of the product correctly.

In short…just say no.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

Just say NO

Get with the program Lo! We went all through this crap on the old site. Get Derek to pull it up for you. (I hope you didn’t hand over any money!) For anyone else who hasn’t seen our warnings, stay away from this kind of training. No ifs, ands, or buts!

Thanks Charlie…

I guess I am a day late and a few dollars short now…chalking it up to experience. I found it on the old site…and I have seen some of the problems that was talked about on that topic…

We didnt do any over speed training…mostly bounding and “biomechanic runs at a slow speed”. We also did the square drills…1,2,3,4 type deal…core work, small plyo box jumps, plyo sled…stuff like that…

not defending them, but i do feel like my money was wasted…

i think that is the link…take it from me potential customers…DONT DO IT…IT AINT WORTH IT…NO MATTER THE DISCOUNT THAT THEY CAN GIVE U!

To quote a wise man…

“Why make billions, when you can make millions?”