Franciela Krasucki at full speed

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Franciela Krasucki goes to Marrakesh at full speed.

Despite being only seventeen years old, Brazilian sprinter Franciela Krasucki already has a name on the World and South American youth scene. The native of Valinhos, a city located 110 kilometres north of São Paulo, has been to two IAAF World Championships, and now, in Marrakesh is looking for a sweet podium.

Her debut on the international scene occurred in 2003 at the age of 15 in the IAAF World Youth Championships in Sherbrooke, and a surprising fourth place in the final of the 100 metres capped a great tournament for her.

In 2004 at the IAAF World Junior Championships in Grosseto, Franciela could only advance to the semifinal of both 100 and 200 metres, but later, at the South American Youth Championships in Guayaquil, Krasucki recorded the fastest races of her life at 100, a 11.48 time in the heats (a new South American youth record), and a wind-aided 11.43 in the final.

Her coach, Adriano Vitorino has planned the 2005 season with all cannons pointing to Marrakesh, so he expects to have his pupil in great shape in Morocco, after having already ran in 11.58 in the 100 and setting a pb of 23.58 in the 200, both at the “Troféu Brasil” in São Paulo in mid-June.

“Franciela’s best virtue is her dedication”, says Vitorino. “This year we have found more regularity in her results, and I believe she will be capable of running under 11.50 in Morocco.”

“We have been mainly focusing on the 100m, which I believe is her best event, but she can also go very far in the 200m once she finds maturity in her training”, remarks Vitorino.

Krasucki’s story in the sport is rich. “I began playing handball, and then I moved to the track. I train every day in the afternoons, I go to school in the mornings and I study English at nights,” says the sprinter.

“Right after starting athletics, I had one of my biggest moments of joy, when I was able to qualify for the 2002 South American Youth Championships. There I got the feeling that I could get far in the sport,” continues Krasucki.

“I know it’s not very usual for an athlete to compete at 2 World Youth Championships, so now, I intend to do better than in Sherbrooke. I believe I’m better prepared, I have more confidence in myself, and I will be expecting to improve my marks. I know I need to work on my start, but I’m confident that I will soon be able to fix the problems I have.”

“I think Brazil has given us, the athletes, all the tools needed to perform well and to reach greater results. It’s possible to be a world class athlete in our country. Here in Brazil we have several examples, and among those, I admire Vicente Lenílson de Lima and Jadel Gregório.”

Adriano Vitorino knows he has a great talent in his hands, but he is aware that success will not arrive by accident.

“To keep improving, Franciela must never loose her good attitude, solidarity, humbleness, dedication and grit. I always believe she could be just another athlete with great potential who’s soon forgotten, or instead, she could keep working and leave a great mark among her generation. At the end it will all be up to her, because she is very talented and has all the potential to get very far”, ends coach Vitorino.

Eduardo Biscauart for the IAAF

Franciela das Graças Krasucki
Born in Valinhos, São Paulo on 26 April 1988
1.68m; 60Kg.
Coach: Adriano Vitorino
Club: BM&F Atletismo

Evolution at 100m: 2002: 12.72; 2003: 11.59; 2004: 11.48/11.43w; 2005: 11.58/11.2.

2005 best performances
11.2/-0.5 Londrina 7 May
11.58/1.2 São Paulo 19 June

23.58/0.4 São Paulo 17 June