I recently purchased the Neuro Trac Sports for $189.00 Can. plus GST. It contains 15 pre programed programs and allows for 3 customised programs to be loaded in the memory. I set a program which allows for pulse rate; work to rest ratios from 2 - 99 seconds; RMP (Ramp up) from 0.3-9.9 seconds;
two channels which can be set synchronous or delayed. I set the program grogram to run for 10 sec or work 50 sec of rest for ten cycles (10 min.). The program will also remember what level of MA you input on your first set, you can also adjust it as you go from set to set.
I purchased this unit in Edmonton Alberta Canada form a local health care and rehab store.

Just an FYI to everyone here, I tried to order the EMS 6500 from YCY Health and they told me they can’t sell it to me because I’m from Canada- apparently they can sell it for export only. Maybe this unit would be a good substitute. Thanks!


Is it powerful? Can it make you cry if you use it on your hamstring?

do you need it that powerful?

For max strength… yes. I think CF had his athletes bit a pillow because the contractions were so intense.

…Or maybe that pillow biting incident was part of his personal life I’m getting mixed up with?? :wink:

My athletes have low percent body fat, and the intensity levels on hamstrings have not gone over 40 mA. Have not used the unit on O-linemen or heavier athletes.