Forum Suggestions

Dear Members

Its that time of year again, were we get to upgrade the forum. Please post addition requests/ideas here and I’ll see what can be done to get everyone taken care of.

Things I like and am looking at

  1. The ability to allow each member their own photo/media library which would be sharable. This is neat because you could upload your films etc, photos and share them with the group at large for discussion.

Thats my top pick for now. Others?



As always, I think you guys do a fantastic job with the forum. It’s the best interactive forum for us on the web.

My request- I’m not sure if it’s my browsers (firefox or safari), but I find the “search” functions nearly impossible to use with any accuracy. For example, I can’t even find some of my own posts with it! Is there some “upgrade” available?

Other than that, keep up the great work!

Yea - it’s hard to be specific on the search function… it’s like using google scholar lol.

I’ll look into more advanced search functions. Noted.



live chat…pick a day, 2 hour window…that would be wild… u think… berlusconi woudl be happy…ciao


Just adding my appreciation for your personal contribution to help sustain life on Planet Charlie.

(I did used to like the “quick reply” option)

i’ve never seen a good search function on a vbulletin website, ever.

new section name…



as anything at radom… that woudl be fun…