forum review

I received the e-book 2 days ago…and aprreciated any single word!I think it helps explaining better the cfts,hope the next e-book will come out soon!

Thanks. We’re working on it ASAP

The Illustrations and Charts at the end of the Forum Review are worth the price of the review alone.

There is information you won’t find anywhere else. The Forum Review is a great compliment ot the CFTS and Speed Trap.

For those that have not purchased the Forum Review yet do so- It is backed with info from the old forum and tips from the Master, Charlie himself.

If you like the Graphics you’ve seen so far, you’ll love the new E-book because a ton of new ones are in there.

what is it going to be called and what is the general theme of the book?

tricky question to ask, i suppose, but should i wait for the new e-book, or order the video tapes? are they about the same and which one will give a better picture of your approach to training and/or supplement best your other two e-books? don’t really know what to expect from each of them…

They’re designed to be complimentary. Thing always get clearer when you read about the concepts and also see them in action.

ok Charlie, i know you re right about the complimentary -and not only- role of the tapes; i’ve already send an e-mail asking, since i’ve got a problem with the shipping rate
in terms of the Forum Review: is it in a Q&A way of important questions, or in the same format as this forum with questions from all the members? just trying to figure out what it exactly includes and in what way…