Forum Calender


How many of you actually use the forum calender?

I look at it once in a while. It would be nice if it listed the dates of various track meets, any coverage on TV and (if we want to get really helpful) an area where people could post various local meets and contact info.

That may be quite a lot for one calendar, so it would have to be configurable (i.e. view only birthdays, view only system notices, view only elite meets, view only local meets - by region, and so forth)

Xlr8 agreed. Post some major meets like Olympics & World’s etc.

btw rupert, congrats on winning the poll, however, I could have told you from the beginning that you would have won, out of the 1800+ members there will always only be b/w 5-10% mac users and rest all PC.

Also, I liked your other avatar man, get it back!!! You Had the best avatar, Rup get it bac, and what is the new one you got?? Is it another game? I cant recognize it.

Some great additions to the website…yet I would like seperation between coverage/news and training. I wold also like to have seniors vote members in for higher level training discussions, and allow for the neophytes to be in area that they can ask questions that they need. I think all people can post here on but lately this has been more of a static environment.

I feel Clemson’s idea is very good, even if I don’t get voted into the discussion. There are so many post/questions every day that no one topic really gets developed.

skip the vote, let people choose I guess, but I am tired of

“Make me a program on lifting”

“set me up with this…”

“and other needy stuff.”

It’s tough to post and help when the same questions over and over are up.

Everyone should have equal access to any section and should be able to ask any question, seems only fair and for those that don’t want to answer, just don’t.

It’s a tough one - I agree with both Clemson and Vito.
I understand where Clemson is coming from and agree - those types of questions do get repetitive and yet we were all young and completely useless and uneducated once too - but someone answered our questions!!! So I think there is a balance somewhere…


Sure…but the questions have been asked days in a row, and nobody does a search or even reads the posts. Ignorance fine…lazy people----> not fine!

There is so much information accessible through the search function…

I agree Clemson and GF - completely, no arguments.

I guess I just have one concern/question - if there is a discussion distinction made between 2 groups - will the more experienced memebers feel like contributing to newer memebers and will the newer group flounder and not develop?

i totally agree with you guys.there are certain questions that seem to be addressed quite often and sometimes feels like ground hog day but we all had to start somewhere.

the question is how does CF feel when he heres the same q’s over the last few decades,he still gives his thoughts

I still feel that anyone should be able to have the same access as any member in this forum regardless of who they are or how many posts they have made.

I agree that alot of questions here get posted more than once and can get quite annoying to say the least, but that is part of the territory. Everyday I see new members join this wonderful forum, now should they automatically know how to use the search method?

I can certainly understand some frustrations among some members who’s replies to some threads are simply “do a search for that info you want”. But those individuals who want to be coaches or are coaches, if you are getting frustrated “alot” about this then you should really reconsider becoming/staying a coach, that in my book makes you not a good coach, perhaps not even a good person (to some). If you can’t handle working with ALL people then don’t work with people. As a people person employee, you have to always “love” people even when you “hate” them.

Hi Vito,

Yes, is a business and this forum is a little more advanced than others. Carl’s frustration comes from a single usage concern and thats"check that your question hasn’t already been answered by using the forum search tool before posting".

Notice we also have general discussion (general level) and advanced discussion on the forum. Advanced as its name implies, is advanced, general is for people not at the expert/elite level. All can post where they wish, but please be considerate of others.

So yes, while we are all equals here, the idea behind the forum is to provide a theater for all skill sets to thrive happily, and to allow skills to progress over time. Also, its never about how many posts one has on this site, its about value to the cf community.

Hope this helps.


Rupert, I agree 110%, that’s the way the forum should be used :smiley:

ps. what happened to your great avatar man!! Whats this new one??

Rubert, maybe we can have a f.a.q. section that deals with training in general. Something like Charlie’s ideas on technique, weight training, etc. etc. That way we could avoid some of the real basic question and people can get a better understanding of CFTS, which hopefuly would lead to better questions and discussions.

We’ll shortly have a number of articles available for immediate download on the site. This is part of the new “training fundementals” project as f.a.q’s are not easy since each and everyone of us has different needs/requirements. What may work for you, most likely won’t work for the next person reading it.

With fundementals, you will see an abstract which will allow YOU to decide if the article is what you need. I think this approach will best suit our members. Ideas?


That sounds a lot better.

hey rupert,

dont really wanna put the idea in your head, but is there going to be a point where you start charging subscription for this forum?

reason being, you guys seem to put quite a lot of work into this forum, will there come a day when the amount of work really should start being rewarded?

Or will any information, such as the new training fundamentals, being downloadable in e-book format for a price.

i for one would pay for subscription if required… but damn youd see me online a lot getting my moneys worth out of it heheh

Hi DWatling,

We’re looking at a couple affordable options for our members. Let me say that the forum will always be free. Our idea is to have other services built around the forum that may carry a small service charge, our knowledge base for example is something we’re looking at.

But for you, starting today, $100 per month US. We’ll add this to your account (joke).