Forgotten fibre?

Out of all the diets posted, there is a lot of counting of carbs/protein/fat/nutrients, but I don’t see much emphasis on getting fibre. Apart from the benefits of helping the food pass through our systems more comfortably, of special interest to athletes is the effect it has on blood sugar levels. Is this important for athletes?

Is there also an effect on the levels of protein/release of protein into the bloodstream etc?

Does everyone get their 35g+ a day (thats for a 2000 cal diet no doubt)? I know I don’t at the moment.

Fruit and vegetables on the whole are not a great source of fibre, so is there a need for supplementation?

Jesus man. Fruits, veggies, and unprocessed food is chock full of fiber. As long as you aren’t drinking MRP’s for half the day you have no need to worry. The effect it has may be important for someone who can train all day and eat all day. But for those of us with school and work it is too much effort for too little reward.

I don’t get you, if you disagree with someone you don’t have to be patronising. Support your argument with some facts. Maybe it’s not a big deal but if you don’t explain why should I believe you? Even if you had a PhD in Nutrition that would still apply.

In the UK (probably U.S as well) low fibre consumption is a major problem - the average is around 10g, and numerous health problems result.

I disagree that fruit veg. have enough fibre. I’m confused as to how much they actually have from what I’ve read, but from what I perceive there isn’t enough there. I don’t know about U.S but but over here there is no nutritional information on fruits/veg.s at point of purchase. I don’t know about everyone else but I can’t stomach much of the alternative sources such as the branish cereals/horrible bread/seeds etc.

As for supplements - for example if you supplemented with 3g ground konjac fibre a day it is the equivalent of getting 30g from other sources in your diet, due to the greater absorption of water.

Man did you mean 35g+ of protien??? I mean that is too low for an athlete. Sometimes you shouldn’t fall within the limits of normal people. I mean its well advised that you should intake about 0.8g or protien for each 1kg of your body weight. I believe that for athletes you need much more. correct me if I’m wrong. I wouldn’t say that we should go up to bodybuilders who take about 2.0 - 3.0 grams and sometimes 3.5 grams of protien / 1kg of body wieght ( wiegh them and see how much they thorw in there ) but I say that about 1.5g/ kg is good. Thats what I prefer at least. plus, you can’t digest over 45 grams of protien /meal. So there should be some balance there.

As for fibers. I don’t know? Never thought about it. Is it very critical? I don’t know. Actually would like to know about that.

He’s not talking about protein, he’s talking about fiber, look at the rest of the post.

OOOooops. Thought he was talking about the protien. anyway. Still curious about the fiber issue

I don’t know for sure, but if one eats dense breads/oatmeal/vegitables/dried fruits, aren’t they getting enough fiber?

On a side note, i remember a bit ago on a t-mag article that the blood sugar effects of fiber are minimum at best. I think that it was on an “Appetite for construction” but i am not sure.

Thanks I’ll have a look at the article. I don’t know either, I can’t find much detailed info. on that. I’ve just heard it’s important, but not explained in great detail why, and how it works. My problem is that I find the breads, seeds, dried fruits disgusting (apart from small amounts with cereal), sometimes nauseating, so I don’t know if fruits/vegetables are providing enough, and if I’m not getting enough, what effect it has. I have always had problems with sugar cravings, suggesting my blood sugar levels are going all over the place.

Get a blood test Jim - I did and found I was bordeline db and adjusted diet accordingly ( I was a pasta/potato freak at the time ) - oatmeal porridge for brekky as outlined by Ooooorwullie and regeneration lab is one I’ve become totally addicted to for about 4 months now - I’m not 100% certain but I think oats are not only good for fibre but also help control blood sugar levels.

Water / Oats / nana / organic honey / EAS choc whey - I hated porridge b4 but this mix is amazing , quick and easy.

Stress also plays havoc with ur blood suga levels apparently.

My replies are short because I work 32 hours during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. What I was trying to say is that you need to worry about fibre only after you have enough calories for the day from quality and varied food sources. If fibre is still missing, which is unlikely (I once tracked my food intake and got 80g in a day on the average without a supplement), you could of course add it. The benefits would be minimal at best. Perhaps mild appetite suppressent, slightly slower digestion, slightly smaller insuline response, and slightly less time spent on the toilet. I believe it was discussed on the board about nutrition for weightlifters. Fred Hatfield had some ideas apparently. But they went out the window when the reality of caloric intake came into play. He drank cooking oil to keep his weight up.

well if your worried about not getting enough fibre then just eat more fibrous foods!

if you had 100G of rough porridge oats + 25gish of seeds + 25gish of raisins then you would get about 10 to 15g in that serving alone! Through in 2 cups of fibrous veg(brocoli,cabbage etc) and your laughing

Or concentrating…AHH sorry couldn’t help it.