Forced reps can cause CNS fatugue?

I am aware of that that doing 1-3RM is causing CNS fatigue contrary to doing 10-20RM whic is causing peripheral fatigue (muscle), but what about when you do, lets say, 10RM to a complete exaustion and then have somebody to help you do 3 more reps - forced reps???
Your motor-neurons are firing like you are lifting 1RM (but the muscle wont listen because it is fatigued), so can this cause CNS fatigue?
Can this be implied to GPP phase, when you lift about 10-15RM? And you shouldnt lift them to total failure but only to a moderate fatigue (lifting 20RM for 15 reps or something - submaximal)??

This would be similar to depletion push-ups which do cause CNS fatigue.

Have a look at Kellyb’s post here:

From his post:

"Even the CNS fatigue which seems to be the buzz word these days is not just a neural phenomenon as it sounds. "


Tnx for you opinions guys…

Before couple of days I did tempo session with some LI exercises (push-ups, pull-up, lunges, leg-raising) with different positions (arms position etc ) to “hit” different parts of muscle… so I fouded out that I should stop the set when I start making grimase on my face… because this failure reps can cause CNS and peripheral fatigue and this is not my goal of training… but rather a little “blood flushing” to speed up recovery, injury prevention etc…
So my question is…
If the goal of LI is recovery, should athletes stop the set when they start “pushing it too much” and making faces (grimase)???

Well before that I would say!
Nothing prolonged,nothing requiring more than a smooth,continuous execution of the given activity allowing for a steady state of work production.

Tnx pakewi… but I got another question and I will stop with this bothering… :slight_smile:

Is muscle buiding regime (8-12RM) considered LI or HI?
Is there difference between lifting 10RM for 8 reps and for 12reps (with partners help) according to CNS stress and hypertrophy result??? I know that doing thing to failure will fatigue all (all?) muscle fibers and the hypertrophy result will be larger than when you do set only to fatigue, because not all muscle fibers are fatigued (especially fast ones - largest)
Let me think with my own head… :slight_smile:
There is trade off… if you do another HI training like sprint, when the hypertophy is an issue you will do sets only to a fatigue (not allowing too much CNS fatigue), but when there is only one goal (hypertrophy) you can do them to failure (and in more sets) because efffects are larger and CNS fatigue is not an issue anymore… Opinions???

the recovery employed could shift things to either direction.

The fatigue and failure separation sounds interesting!


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What directions… CNS fatigue-peripheral fatigue? And what recovery? Rest between sets?
I agree because loading have complex contents… consisting of:

  1. Intensity
  2. Volume
  3. Rest-quality and type (passive, active etc.)
  4. Character of exercises (all-body, 1/3 body and less etc.)
    So loading depends allway on rests…
    Doing things only to fatigue(8reps with 10RM for example), with unadequate rest (short) will finaly leave you to failure and will have again CNS fatigued… dont you think?
    But doing HI intensity (1-2reps with 3RM, example) is having already CNS stressing and introducing short reps would only lead to not-lifting it

Offcourse it does :slight_smile: they are two different things… the question here is what to chose according to training goal and other training done in the same day, (after or before) or in microcyclus…

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