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"Form has almost zero to do with speed,” Flaherty says. 99percent of top sprint coaches and athletic coaches in general will totally disagree with this statement.

Pays to be a speed guru - $20,000 per client for the combine.

I looked him up on facebook and hes talking about SF vs SL but doesn’t mention flexibility/biomechanics at all. 20k per client- shows you the $ being spent in football

I’m assuming this is combine prep…
So if you’re an aspiring professional athlete looking to take your body to the next level—and, say, sprint like DeSean Jackson, jump like Julio Jones, or explode off the line like J.J. Watt—you pay Flaherty upward of $20,000 for one of 12 spots at his camp to learn your figure and improve it.

Pieces from the article Bret wrote on this muscle & fitness combine guru.

Any experienced strength coach knows that relative max trap bar deadlift strength doesn’t fully predict speed and power. Arizona Cardinals strength coach Buddy Morris once told me that strength is just one piece of the athleticism puzzle, and that the best athletes are often middle of the road with regards to maximum strength. Many of the strongest athletes at the professional level sit on the sidelines watching the starters do their thing.

If you read the linked article on Men’s Fitness and believed it, you got guru’d. Developing the best athletes requires careful consideration and proper blends of strength and power exercises (where muscle group, ROM, muscle action, force vector, bar velocity, type of loading, and level of stability must be considered), plyometrics, sprints, sled towing, agility work, medball work, and technique work must be prescribed. Moreover, training can be individualized according to force-velocity profiling for added benefit (Morin et al. 2016).