For You Gamers Out this

Hey guys, just thought you would get a kick out of this, its funny. Its based off Tom Clancy’s latest XboX game, Ghost Recon 2.
Its a bit of a piss-poor job, b/c the guy didn’t go through a DVD Bridge to record it, rather, he simply video recorded his TV screen play (pfft!) BUT, the theme is funny…

Here’s the link to the clip…

I don’t know anything about those games, but I know they’re making Rainbow Six into a movie. That book is awesome!!

happy birthday Speedkills…

I heard the samething about R6 coming out as a movie, I was so happy to hear this…I am a huge fan of tactical warfare movies, like Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, etc…, hence why I love playing 1st person shooter games.

Although, I also heard that its production is placed on hold since 9/11, they are trying to find a suitable plot besides terrorists from the middle east.

I didn’t read the book, is it that good? i heard the samething, I am thinking of getting it. Whats the exact title?, cuz I know Tom Clancy has a few warfare type books out there.

I also, forgot to mention, the theme (song) is based off the comedic movie, Night at the Roxberry. The Butaby (sp?) brothers…you can tell b/c at the start of the clip the characters are all bobbing their heads to their sides, like in the movie…I found that kinda funny.

Thanks, Clemson.