For Clemson: RE: ImmunoGro dosing

Hey Clemson,

I noticed you like to use ImmunoGro with your athletes. I have 100g of the powder. What type of dosing would you recommend?

Also, do your athletes use cell volumizers (creatine, taurine, betaine) in season? I have noticed that my legs feel really tight and pumped when I play basketball and am taking creatine. It almost like the running and jumping cause my legs to be “pumped” like I’m doing weight lifting. I know a “pump” is the last thing an athlete wants during competition. It really seems to throw my muscle tone off.

That is exactly how my whole body felt when i used to take creatine many years ago, and that is the reason i am against it for many athletes despite the positive benefits.

I’m glad someone can relate! It is very frustrating to go up for a rebound and your legs instantly tighten up. I am going to discontinue the creatine stack for a while.


The product is serious and I think we are at the stage that when a nutrition program is complete…supplementation can start to be effective. When one first starts an advanced supplementation program, I like to prime the digestive system and this requires a higher dose. After the instestines are clear (other products like udos greens and similar) peptide blends can start enhancing any program.

Perhaps you could tell us more about your training and diet?

As for creatine and other supplements I call muscle enhancers I don’t use them for any athlete under 21 and I like to use the product for travel only or during the gpp.

Thanks for the reply Clemson.

My diet is dialed in well–5 meals of lean protein combined with veggies or a low GI carb. My training is geared toward improving athletic performance. I do a mix of plyos, rear chain work and GPP. I have been training seriously for about 3 years. In regards to supplementation, I use amino loading around my workouts with ICE and Vendetta along with a post workout shake with whey hydrosolate and d-glucose.
I am interested in adding your immuno gro/micellar casein shake to my lineup. What type of results have your athletes seen with immuno gro?


Here are the types of things I see.

(1) Same nutrition program same workout program----rapid improvement from nutrient transfer.

(2) Ectomorphs making more rapid gains due to protein/myofribril retaining it’s structure.

(3) Endomorphic athletes loosing fat from the casein metabolic differences and the ability to absorb key vitamins for fat utilization.

(4) Very rapid recovery from the anticatabolic cocktail.

I will have some great products for you shortly. In fact, I will need some experienced individuals to test it out. I will probably post a new thread when it is ready. Hope you would be willing to give it a try and keep a tab on changes or lack there of.


If you’ve got 90% micellar casein and 10% immunogro how many grams of protein are there per scoop?

Well, do not count the peptides in ImmunoGro as a protein source as the immunomodulators do not make it past the gut were they are put to use.

Micellar is 90% and unflavored will account for 90% of the mix so:

.90 * .90 = 81%


.81 * .95 = 77% (5% flavor inclusion)

Thanks, that’s pretty damn good.