For All of You HIT Fans:

That looks like a very challenging workout (sarcasm). Do they have Hammer Urinals and Toilets as well (yawn)?

Interesting that they always cut before he reaches fatigue. Thought they would show this in a HIT video.

As someone who was trained for some time by a very experienced (and extremely strong) HIT guy in my youth, I can tell you that for my money HIT is the most painful and utterly brutel protocol that exists. That is if you really have the strength of mind to take it to complete fatigue on every set.

Though quite why you would want to go to complete fatigue during the season when you have so much else beating down on you now seems beyound me.

The manual lateral raises by themselves take about a week to fully recover from if you really push it to the limit.

That was an intense 5minute 18 second workout. For those of you who missed part 2, here is what the guy looked like the next day. After 6 months he has almost fully recovered and is getting ready for another round. This time however he should be in good enough shape to go for at least 6 mintues.

HIT training? A total disaster waiting to happen.
This little discussion has prompted me to post an article about HIT on the front page of the site. It should be up shortly, so you’ll soon know hw I really feel about it!

The guy’s a wimp! How come he only went to failure on ONE leg?

On the vid, they call them “Hammer Lateral Raise”

When is Hammer gonna come out with a neck flexor/extensor machine?

Who really needs a machine for shrugs? I mean cmon.

For as big as that guy is, he isn’t all that strong. But if he keeps up that workout, he’ll look great with his shirt off.

Yes, as a matter of fact, they do have Hammer Urinals. The machine automatically gets it out, gives it a shake and puts it away for you, cause your arms are too fried to get involved. (Now if they can only perfect the Hammer Auto-Player, which’ll go in for you when you’re too fried to play!)

There already is a machine for neck flexor/extensor movements. Its a piece of crap, put out by Hammer Strength. We have it in the weight room at school to “strengthen our necks for football.” It doesnt do much, and we still just use manual resistance with a partner for neck strengthening.

What a wack video.
So a high intensity training guy would suggest you do 1 set to failure of every piece of shit hammer strength machine in the gym? What % do they do to do this set? Something that they know they can get 20-30 reps out of?

Something that they know they can get 20-30 reps out of?

Probably 10-12 exercises, 8-12RM. Usually whole body starting with legs and going to from biggest muscle group to smallest.

I’ve always found Hammer stuff to be crap. Not sure why people fork out for it - other than it is plate loaded. If you are going to buy exercise equipment buy Medx but even they only have about 10 good pieces and then only if you actually know how to use it. A squat rack and 200Kg plates wins hands down every time. and costs ohhh 25% of each Hammer piece.

but David Carr has GUNZ!!!

my new leg routine. Check out the hip extension machine,man all this time wasted on reverse hypers :mad:

Well they’re a lot better than those dangerous deadlifts!!

Geee which machine do you think he liked best? Leg extensions maybe? Those will give him more explosiveness off the line!!!

…Jason Crisp…!

I think this has been brought up several times but I cannot believe Penn State Trains with HIT…and Zatsiorsky teaches there??? :confused: