Footballstar's meet results

1st Track Meet - 04/13/06

I through the shot put and I got a standing throw of 39’1" and I got first place, I tried spinning but it didn’t work because I got a 35’ trying the spin…so my plan is to heal my hamstring good enough to really work on my spins… My goal is to get in the mid-high 40’ range

Ran the 100m- I had a good start through 20m I was first, then through 40m one of my teammates caught up to me and then took 2-3 steps into my Max V phase and I felt 2 pops in my right hamstring, never have I experianced such muscular pain…but I was on a sub 12 pace easy, the kid that won ran a 11.6 which is incredible for a first meet. If I didn’t tear my hamstring I could have gone a 11.7 and next 1 and 1/2 weeks before my next meet would go towards working on my Max Velocity phase and I could probably get to a 11.5…not bad for a 6’2" 230 lbs DE…My goal is to get to 11.5…before season ends

Then I through the discus on the bad hamstring and ended up getting 1st place with a 124’9" which is good enough to qualify for states…my spin was pathetic (I paused on every step because of my hamstring) my last throw the discus was wobbly and it was a bad release which is moderately good news because when I am healthy my throw should be a hell of alot farther than what I did. My goal is to get into the 160’s

Take care of the hamstring; you don’t want it to plague you all season. If you keep trying to do stuff on it while it’s injured, it will never heal properly. Get some therapy ASAP; What have you been doing to treat it so far?

Yesterday, I put some ice packs on it. Today I plan on using a self massager and either taking an epsom bath or a contrast shower…I’ll go to my doctor’s on monday so that he can recommend me to a therapist of some sort.