Football Strength and conditioning Books Review

I was searching something new on Amazon, and came across a new book on S&C for football, so I thought about opening a new thread, with rewiews and so on…

*Complete conditioning for football (Arthur & Bailey):
I have it, a good book overall, helpful in setting up a program, lots of agility drills (nothing new), concentrates on big lifts and offers a kind of periodization.Speed training provides too short of a rest, and illustration of some speed drills is faulty, IMHO.(based on NEbraska experience)

*The Path to Athletic Power ( BOyd Epley, NEBRASKA): Not have it, not sure it is too different from the first one.

*Speed strenght training for footbal. (E J Doc Kreis) I have it, a bit confused…not really well setted up…have to build up some to gather routine and periodization…lacks the speed/conditiong part, except for some bounds and plyos…the photos of certain exercises are ugly----but introduced med ball works and explosive lifts as a fundation for football players.(Middle Tennessee State)

  • 52 week football training (Ben Cook)…Not read yet, but not heard great comments (North Carolina)

  • A chance to Win (Mike Gentry)…Virginia tech, big book, haven’t heard much on it…

*Conditioning for Football and then some (Tom Zupancic)…Indianapolis colts…love to get it seems very old style…

*Football Training like the Pros (Chip Smith)…ths is why I started the thread, seems brand new…has something in the excerpts interesting…so I think I’ll buy it…
Do someone has some article reference for him?

Complete conditioning for football (Arthur & Bailey): Outdated…

A chance to Win (Mike Gentry)…Virginia tech, big book, haven’t heard much on it… It’s ok but i was expecting more.

You need to get Doc Kries old book, the guy is great. he was at CU and now at UCLA.

The name of the other Kreis Book? (speed strenght I already have).

Any opinion on Chip Smith?

what do u think about it?

Kreis book is good. It was possibly the first book on strength I ever bought. Helped point me in the right direction and an easy read too.

i heard it was good, what was some of the key points u took from it.

Don’t remember specifically. It basically said to do heavy squats & cleans and include high & low (actually H-M-L) intensity days. That’s all I needed as a newbie.

Exactly the same point, but I’ve read it now…so nthing new at all!!!
What I disliked is that is a bit cryptical in designing the actual rutine, and misses the conditioning /speed part

One of Doc Kreis’ older books is entitled “Sports Agility”, and is co-authored by Frank Costello, formerly(?) of the University of Maryland…

yes thats the one im talking about:

Sports Agility is just a book about agility drills. Basically just an encyclopedia of a whole bunch of change of direction drills/plyos then recommended exercises for a list of sports. Nothing really on straight ahead speed or strength…

i remember speaking to Doc and it seem like he train his athletes like ol lifters many many ol’s and squatting.

Yes - if you look at some of his older workout stuff, the sessions are set up very much like those out of the Medvedev books (translated Soviet works from the 60’s-80’s)…I’m not sure what the workouts look like now though…anyone on the left coast to help us out?

I know that Hatfield, Yessis, and others visited the Old Soviet Union back in the 80’s, but I don’t know if Kreis was a part of that travel group.
If you do look at his books, you will find pictures of old school soviet lifters, like Pisarenko…

Check out Chip Smiths web site at

Nothing particular…I’m looking for first hand experienxce/opinion…form photo gallery, seems very gadget friendly…

Football training from the pros…have yet to read it fully, but makes me wonder why I want to buy so many books…
very junk gadgets friendly…has a strange ves linke to the heel to be on your toes!!then lots of bungy cords…specific resisted and overspeed…(even with LB drills…makes me wonder how can force from bungee cord be linear when you change direction?)
Resistance program seems no periodization at all for 12 weeks…only intersting part at first glance in swimming pool training…nothing new but seems interesting.
Also, a pic of urlacher P cleaning…with forearms perpendicular to the ground while catching…well, I have to read it all…but at first glance…not very impressed

Outdated? How so?
The information in this book is no more outdated than CF Training for Speed. In the same sense as Training for Speed, this book provides the reader a sort of foundation from which to form their own program. One guy mentioned the rest periods being too short for speed work but the authors aren’t trying to produce 60/100m sprinters. Their speed work addresses an athlete having to be explosive for 4-6 seconds over and over again with a predetermined rest period. Personally, I think true speed work should be included in a program. Charlie seems to know about the St Louis Rams conditioning program back when Vermeil was there, I think. If any of you know of a tread pertaining to those guys I’d like to know. My memory is a bit foggy but I seem to recall Nebraska routinely being by far the more physically dominating team whenever they shared the field with CU or UCLA. Osborne era of course

“10 years out of date” (I might claim 10yrs ahead, as you can see from the training plans of the top sprinters of today)" CF

Eric, speed training is speed training, period.
Then you have some specific conditioning, but you cannot develop speed reserve, so praise d by charlie and vermeil among others, having 60-90 seconds rest on top speed drills

Erozag- you’re right about the rest periods. I was speaking more about the whole of the book, not specifically to speed development. No shock that a bunch of “speed” seeker would jump all over that section of the book. Thanks man. That brings up a question now…