Football Sprint/COD program

Whats up guys?

I’m a DIII college wideout/slotback and our strength/speed program sucks badly (on top of being practically non-existent). Therefore, I’m trying to develop my own sprint/COD program for the next sixteen weeks. I have the first 3 weeks planned out and will play it by ear after that.

Here’s my stats:
*5’9 189 (14% BF–I plan to drop to around 8-10% by august)
*slotback/wideout (not sure where I’ll be come fall camp)
*Current speed level- ~4.8 - 40 yd dash/~4.4 - 5-10-5 shuttle

Here is what I’m doing strength wise: Im using Joe Kenn’s Tier System and focusing on increasing strength in the posterior chain. I’m good to go on the strength program, but speed training is my WEAK area of knowledge and as noted above, my weak area of performance too.

Here is my plan for week 1 (the other two weeks are similar with a small amount of added volume on acc. days and a different set of drills on COD day)
After weeks 1-3, I will play it by ear and go from there:

Week 1

Mon-ACC. Day
5 x 10yd (2 min rest)
4 x 20 (2:30 rest)
4 x 30 (2:30 rest
*250 total yards

100 yard tempos w/ 45 sec walk x 12

Wed-COD day
4 x 5-10-5 drill
4 x M drill
4 x box drill
4 x position specific reaction
(I have no coach so I’m thinking of letting a ball drop and its bounce determines my direction)
(2:30 rest b/w all drills

60 yd tempos/30 sec walks x 20 (1200 total yds)

Fri_ACC. Day
same as Mondays acc. work

100 yd tempos/ 45 sec walk x 12

Here’s some notes:

*I plan to increase total yardage on acc. work days by 20 yds each week (until I reach about 300 total yds) and also plan to increase tempo volume by about 300 yds each week (until I reach about 2000 total yds).

*I will incorporate light plyos at the end of my acc. workouts and progress gradually (very light plyo volume to begin with and increasing as camp draws closer)

*I plan to begin each workout with A,B skips and butt kicks as a dynamic warmup

*As for acceleration/deceleration I plan to start with shuttle and cone work and progess to more sport specific work later into the summer (but will continue to work on the 5-10-5). I will change the cone drills up every week to avoid getting better in just one type of drill.

*I plan to pick up more max velocity work later on, but my start is very weak right now so I felt it would be important to target that first. I will progress to some flying runs later into the summer…do you guys think this is a good idea or not?

Any help you guys can give me is GREATLY appreciated. I have two seasons of eligibility left and I want to be as productive as possible. Thanks in advance for any and all responses and If you need any more info from me, just ask.


Looks okay to me. Why not perform the light plyo’s before your acc. workout? I mean if they’re light plyo’s I doubt if you’ll suffer from any CNS fatigue. Also, why not incorporate some COD into your dynamic warm-up (i.e. carioca up-high with step-over, backpedal w/change of direction, 45-Degree 1-2-Cut, etc.)


Thanks for the input. That is a good idea about the COD in the dynamic warm up. As for the plyos, I’ll be doing things like tuck jumps, ice skaters, etc. (those might be considered medium intensity, im not sure). Do you think these will be ok before acc. work?

Once again, thanks for the input.

Those are light to medium-light plyos so as long as you keep the volume low, that sounds good.

Thanks again for the input. I’ll go ahead and put them first. I appreciate your help.

read this site… get lean & get stronger. also try to get in some simulated game work this summer.

Thanks for the reply ESPN3,
Yeah, I definitely plan on leaning up. Im hitting my posterior chain hard as well. I also do plan on getting in some sim. game situation work too, probably running my routes down the field with about 20-25 second rest. Camp starts August 14…can’t wait!