Football speed sessions

Wassup I’m getting ready to enter a new football season and I would like to know what 2 days do I need to do plyometrics and weight training in order to be fresh for my games that are on Wednesday. Any replies would be appreciated THANKS!!!

Also I do the weight training and plyometrics together in case you didn’t know.

I’d recommend Monday and Friday.

You get a full day in between the first session and your game, then a full day to rest b/t your game and the next session.

I’ll say Sunday and Friday. This will ensure freshness for the games, while still allowing 48 hours between high intensity work. I would however make sure you’re doing low intensity work on the other days so you’re not “rusty” on game day. Monday and Friday could work too however, just don’t kill yourself on Monday. You can still do a normal workout, just don’t make it the time you decide to do something insane.

Agreed. Go insane on Friday so you have 2 days before the next practice to rest and 4 days b4 the next game.