Football redux

I know this has been posted before, and I’ve done all the requisite searches, but if I could prevail upon people’s time a little, I’d like some suggestions regarding my specific situation…

I’m running my offseason S&C program for about 60 football players, whom I’ve broken up into two groups (further grouped into subgroups) – the “haves” and the “have nots.” The “haves” will be working a modified Westside program, individualized for their weaknesses as it should be, and the “have nots” are on a basic 5x5/repetition/bodyweight starter program.

This post pertains to the “haves.” Assuming I have them (due to serious time/space limitations) on the following adaptable shell schedule:

Mon – Max Lower
Tues – Max Upper
Thurs – Dynamic Lower
Fri – Dynamic Upper

I want to incorporate the following (and know how to do so, just need suggestions on WHEN)
Lateral/Cone drills
Light plyos (want to start them out on basic stuff)
Any other form of GPP (sled, strongman, etc…)

I’m trying to formulate a weekly template that can be varied as far as WHAT we do within the various classifications, but I’d like to keep certain days consistent in order to maximize our time.

I’m assuming you only have time for one workout per day. I’m not sure you really need a dynamic day, but sticking with the westside template I’d reduce the weights to three times a week combining dymanic lower and upper (which the westside crew recommends if your going to 3 days per week). I’m also not sure you need the plyos at this level, but incorporating what you want, this is how I would do it.

Mon - Speed, Plyos/Med Ball, Max Lower
Tues - Tempo/GPP
Wed - Speed/Cone Drills, Plyos/Med Ball, Max Upper
Tues - Tempo/GPP
Fri - Speed, Plyos/Med Ball, Dynamic Upper/Lower Combined
Sat - Tempo/GPP