Football player's diet

Hi guys I’m a footbalplayer (RB), pls critique my diet.
This is my usual intake:

Muslei(or Cornflakes), 200cc milk(2%), banana, 1 egg and 7 white eggs

30g whey protein with 2 toast

Tin of Tuna or 3 Turkey Slices or chicken
100g rice or wholemeal bread
veggies vegetables with 20oz oil

7 white eggs with 2 toast
fruit or Grapefruit

19.00 (post training)
30g maltodex
then few minuts 20g whey protein

rice or pasta
200g Chicken, Turkey or Lean Mince
or fish (salmon I prefer)
veggies vegetables with 10oz oil

b4 bed
cottage cheese

Include the times for the workouts t see better what’s going on.
PS 30oz of oil??

3 time /week (football) + 3 time/week WL and sunday the football match

30g of oil, sorry

Here is a rough journal of the training I do.

Monday - 1 Hours at the Gym or rest…
Tuesday - 1.5 hours football training
Wednesday - 1 Hours at the Gym
Thursday - 1.5 hours football training
Friday - 1 Hours at the Gym(AM) + 1.5 hours football training (PM)
Saturday - Rest and recovery
Sunday - rest and recovery or football match

Thanks bros.

Seems like an incredible load of grains. You would probably do well to drop some of your grain intake and replace it with fruits and vegetables…more fiber, more vitamins, more minerals.

Are you doing two-a-day’s?