Football: Is there any way to help yourself get recruited off the field?

Is there any way to help yourself get recruited off the field? Like signing up for certain events or soemthing. i really dont know. i plan to put on a good show next season but besides that. Just a way to get urself noticed if ur from a kinda small school. thanks guys

Recruited? I’m assuming you are still in HS? College coaches don’t put any stock into HS combines. They want to see what you do on the field. A scholarship or a roster spot won’t be handed out if you can’t play. Especially in HS.

Now there are other routes to college ball if you are’nt recruited. Sending a coach game tapes, having your coach call college coaches, go to junior college then transfer and being a walk-on are ways that many players make it to the college level. Good luck next season.

make a highlight video and letter regarding your interest in that school and start sending them out to colleges. follow up with another letter and/or phone call. repeat.

my bro sent out videos and letters to a bunch of schools and ended up getting recruited and a few scholarship offers. ended up going to a big D1 school and walking on. he sent videos junior and senior year and constantly was following up with letters and phone calls.

Joe Defranco has stated that high school athletes that score well at combines run by college football programs get heavily recruited.

I’ve made tapes for athletes in the past of their workouts to ensure validity. Not difficult, you just need a camcorder and an athlete!!

Is that really an effective method? For ex., if your strong in the weightroom(impressive plyometric performance as well), along with track workouts on par with a state qualifier in the 100m(in acc. work up to 30m), sending a tape of that is helpful?

mikeh, unless they are being recruited by small schools whose coaches are looking for athletes and strong/fast kids they can hope to turn into football players. DI schools need a finished product they know they can make stonger. Rarely does an athlete fall through the cracks at a combine and goes DI that wasn’t already recruited in the first place.

DeFranco says HS athletes get recruited at combines because thats how he makes his living. By preparing athletes and getting them ready to test well at combines.

If I told you you’ve got a chance to be a DI football player because your 6’3" and 230 lb, come train with me, pay me X amount of money, register for a combine (they’re not free) they’ll be college coaches there, you would find many enthusiastic athletes believing and paying.

Heck, their are millions of motavated parents paying big bucks for personal coaches for every sport because they’ve been sold a dream. American parents want it all and they want it all now.

But believe me, if you can’t catch the ball, or throw the ball, block or tackle you won’t be going anywhere.

Well, if im correct your going to be a senior next fall. As of now you should have had contact with coaches, if not you are behind but not that it cant be overcome. First thing you need to do is talk to your HS coach and see what he thinks your ability is D1, D1aa, D2 etc. then ask him to send out tapes (full game tapes) of you playing to schools you want to go to. The main thing is if you are good enough you will end up somewhere sooner or later. If you need to go to a JC, Juco ball in Cali is awesome if you got the ability you will get picked up. If your coach wont help you just do it yourself go onto the internet and get the numbers of the football offices you want to go to call them, talk to a coach, send tape and then make sure you stay persistent calling back seeing what is going on. If you arent getting recruited now dont worry it isnt the end of the world. Me and my friend in HS both of us are currently playing D1 ball, i was offered scholorships in May of my junior year, not a single D1 school offered my freind or hardly talked to him till around january of his senior year he didnt end up signing till april but all in all we both made out. If you have any questions let me know.

I didn’t see this mentioned, but the camps that schools run like the Nike camps would really help you get noticed if you’re good enough.

The workout tape would go along with your football skill tape.

Hey The Best Way To Get Notice You Can Go All The Colleges And Fill Out All The Questionnaires(that Is The Cheapest Way). On The Internet. You Can Go To A Few Football Camps In The Summer. The Ones That The Schools Put On. They Are Always Looking For Hidden Talent. The Diamond In The Ruff. If They Have The Nike Combine In Your Area, But Don’t Hold Your Breathe On Them Waiting To Get Signed.

But It Boils Down To Being In The Right Place At The Right Time.

Alot Of D 2 And D 1 Aa School Will Contact First From The Questionnaires. Sent Them Everywhere. You May Get Sign Somewhere In Montana And You Are From Florida.

Wish The Best To You And Stay Ready Because You Don’t Know When It Is Your Time

I didn’t see this mentioned, but the camps that schools run like the Nike camps would really help you get noticed if you’re good enough.

At the HS combines and Nike camp top coaches are looking to see how players interact with each and their competitiveness. It gives a coach a chance to meet a player in person and see how they compete/perform with some pressure and with other top athletes around them. Since it’s difficult to make a home visit with every player and see them in an athletic event, unless they are at the top in their position, it’s a good venue.

However, getting it from the horse’s mouth, they are only there to look at certain players, tier one and one or two tier two players. The only way to get noticed if you haven’t been actively recruited, is to have a mind blowing performance, head and shoulders above tier one players and have the highlight video to back it up.

They know which players can play, which ones can’t and they need either a finished product or a huge fella (lineman) that they will try to develop (can’t teach size).