Foot Pain..

The other doing special endurance towards the end of my workout my arch was really starting to hurt. This has happened before im assuming because of the pounding wearing spikes. THis time it was a little worse. Then the next day i was limping a little bit so i decided to rest. By yesterday it was alot better so i figured take 1 more day off and ride the bike. Today i still feel it a little bit but i am going to go to the track and see how it feels so i can decide if i am doing my speed workout or now.
Just to give you an idea it hurts around the arch area of my right foot. When i am sitting down if i dorsifex or planta flex i can feel it. Any idea of what this may be and what to do?
I have been icing and applying MSM and emu oil.

The muscles in your feet are in spasm. The best way to relieve the spasm is with a small rubber ball (roughly racket ball size). Ideally, you should be able to apply most of your weight while standing on the ball without pain. Most people cannot do this. I would suggest starting off by sitting down and rolling your foot over the ball (e.g., while watching TV). It will probably be very tender at first, so take it easy. Wearing socks will make it more comfortable. Expect to take several days to work out the spasms; they’ve probably been there for a while.

Be VERY Careful. I have been recovering from an injury like this for the past year.

You need to get orthotics and a full foot exam performed.

Can you do your longer speed/SE in flats on the track temporarily or will you slip and slide everywhere?

Rest it, direct massage, and perform anterior tib exercises (DARD, dorsiflexing your foot and stretching it towards yourself etc)

If you let it go on you are going to be in a world of hurt. Trust me…

i can do it (the ball thing)… easily…
thanx guys for thr advice… i did a modified speed workout today and at first it hurt a bit but then felt ok… but i still didnt want to overdo it… ill let you know how it feels. again thanx guys!

If you are still experiencing problems orthotics might be the answer or some of the other exercises I prescribed in another thread under orthotics or was it My Poor Dawgs Are Hawling?

I am not still experiencing foot problems from 6-19.03.

Thanks though :slight_smile:

Why not? :slight_smile: