foot and ankle pain

I am three weeks into the season and had a pretty long GPP, and have been experiencing shin splints but have seemed to manage them but have now been experiencing a shooting pain on my left foot at the ankle joint, down the medial side of the foot and also a little in the arch. My left foot is the foot i push out of the blocks with and we have been doing a lot of speed out of blocks. This is with only 3 speed sessions per week…Any thoughts

It could be some inflammation of tibial posterior tendon, causing compression of the nerve within the tarsal tunnel. I suggest you see a foot specialist, so you can get a proper diagnosis.

I have a similar injury that I’m fighting right now - got it from running in dress shoes in Vegas (don’t ask). But my symptoms are nearly identical - it hurts to push off with any amount of weight on it.

I’ve been following a stretching routine that seems to help a bit. That, along with some ibuprofen and a rest of any leg training is all I’m doing right now.

It could even be plantar faciitis. Does the front part of your heel hurt like hell first thing in the morning? If it does then i suggest you go see a physio or even podiatrist.