Foam Rolling

i just stumbled across this site on foam rolling and thought i would share

Hi Bold,

I picked up one of the Trigger Point rollers in Austin over the summer. I have used it in my warmup ever since, and I can say I think it’s helped me remain much looser especially in the calves this indoor season.

They are much sturdier than the standard pool noodle-like rollers, with a stiff pipe in the centre, plus closed-cell foam of differing density laid on top, which gives some ability to vary the amount of pressure.

Spending the extra 20 bucks has made a huge difference, this thing is as good as new six months later.

Thanks T-slow.
I have been using a 5kg dumbbell for calfs and hammies as of late, works great :slight_smile:

Also been working on the strength of the Tibilas anteria a lot more too, is helping tons with calf issues. As does better shoes.


You must have dense muscles. My coach is very dense also, and he uses a piece of PVC pipe, bare. If I did that I’d bruise myself silly.

Any of these options is better than the traditional cheapo foam rollers, they last about a month then start collapsing.

If i’m a bit more consistent, like i was just before the Christmas madness happened. I can use a 2kg hard mediball on my thighs. Typically i use a super hard foamroll that wont deform even if you squeeze it as hard as you can. It’s like a piece of Light cement… It’s fantastic.
If the muscles are too tight, forget the mediball.

I use the mediball always on hips and glutes.

After chatting to Pakewi - i have changed a few exercises to try to reduce the need to foam roll. Seems to be working so far.

Very interesting!

I have used a medball to work in and around the hips on the advice of my therapist. Since then, I’ve brought in a softball and lacrosse ball to work the hips on occasion, but only when necessary.

He also got me doing a few new things that seem to keep my calves and achilles from getting too jacked, specifically low walks forward / side / backward.

How often do you foam roll? I’ve been doing it every time pre-workout since the start of the indoor season in October.

What do you mean by “low walks”?

Low walks look like these:

T-Slow can correct me if he meant something else.

I got this for as a gift and love it (full size):

Really gets into the muscle tissue without hitting the bony areas.