Flying sprint video?

Anybody here know where I can find a flying sprint video? I dont mean like a relay, I just mean a regular flying sprint in training, like a flying 15-30m sprint.

Thanks for any helpful replies.

Does it have to be of anyone 1/2 decent?
What do you want it for?

Hey, I got your message on AIM, but I was sleeping at the time.

Anyways, it could be of any level and any person, if thats what you mean, but faster is preferred.

I would like to check up on form and use the video for some motivation.


There are quite a lot in the GPP video plus you get good explanation of pointers to keep in mind while running.

In that case mine may not be the best but you are welcome to it if you want and don’t worry I wont be offended if you say no thanks.

I’d love to see it!