flying 20's

when would be the best time to add flying 20’s in a training program (fall training or early inseason).

They are used in GPP for sure and I’m guessing throughout the year as well.

kool, i thought they were only use doing early inseason then speed endurance late inseason.

It depends on how long the buildup is. For example, a flying 20 with a 20m buildup would be appropriate for developing acceleration, whereas a flying 20 with a 50m buildup is obviously directed toward maximum speed.

The idea behind the flying sprints is to use a gentler start, which allows you to expend more energy later in the sprint that if you used a maximum burn from the start.

Ufootball, for GPP CF uses: 20 build-up, 20 fly, 20 easy, and he also uses 20 hard, 20 easy, 20 hard. The key point to running these is to vigorously accelerate your arms when you get into the fly zone. If you haven’t been doing this you will notice a huge difference.

so those are pretty much in and outs 20m easy 20m hard etc…

But it changes depending on where you are in the program. Early in the program (GPP) or season, when acceleration ability isn’t in place yet, the total maxV distance is constrained to 60 meters, and it is either 20-20-20 or 30m accelerate - 30m maintain, per CF. At this point, the emphasis is on technique, rather than actually reaching top speed. Once the acceleration ability is in place and special endurance (split runs at first) is being done, the lead-in distance for the flying sprints is stretched, to allow higher top-end speeds to be reached. For me, it ends up with a 30 meter fly from a 45 meter lead-in.