flying 20 feedback...

I’d like to hear people’s thoughts and suggestions… :slight_smile:

It looks cold down there!

“down there”? where are you, queensland?

it’s a bit chilly, but not too bad. about 17, I think. I usually like to keep myself nice and warm when I train, so I’ll often wear a beanie…

Good front mechanics. You look quite tense though, possibly trying to run too fast rather than letting it happen.

If its cool what about the tights from your avatar? I’d have them on before a beanie.

not to bad, as stated previously, you look a lil tight through the arms/shoulders. It does seem though that you could get your core strength up though.

I like to keep my legs nice and free. and I’m sure you know that something like 80% of body heat is lost through the head…

I certainly was trying to work the arms a bit harder than usual. must have translated into tension…

Looks like you’re racing with a office chair. Not that bad, but you get the picture.

ok, here’s the picture :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want to diss you or something, just got this funny picture in my head and wanted to share it.

I’m not really sure what you’re getting at… :confused:

He may be getting at some of the things I noticed. Your hips seem to be low (i.e. sitting in a chair) and you seem to be reaching/trying to increase your stride length. This is causing the hips to lower down and your foot to strike well in front of your COG.

i agree. it seem that you are reaching (more with your left leg) and not landing under your COM

interesting feedback, and kind of the opposite to what I expected. I thought it was more likely that my stride would be considered too short! :stuck_out_tongue: (especially my left leg, which is actually less flexible than my right)

even if I seem to be reaching forward, I am certainly not intending to. my only intentions/cues are to drive my arms/hips upward and bring my heel to my butt.

regarding the COM issue, this article has a few interesting things to say:

I guess the question is, ‘how far in front is too far?’

further comments??

Your mechanics are not that bad. Looks like you need to improve your power levels, you don’t get that much lift from the track.

that I certainly agree with. strength has always been my weakness… :stuck_out_tongue:

The good
1 - arm action seems ok, keeping 90deg at elbow and rotating the shoulders
2 - your dorsoflexing
3 - your tripling
4 - your shoulders don’t appear tense
5 - You look physically strong
6 - getting nice knee lift

The Bad
1 - there is absolutely no Hip height
2 - feet landing way ahead of COG - leading to no hip height
3 - even though shoulders seem to rotate, hips don’t seem to be following suit - they appear rigid (hips)

More power = feet landing further under COG
Feet landing further under COG = greater hip height
Greater hip height = Faster (well any hip height is an improvement)

Power items
Explosive med ball throws
More EFE runs

How is the tightness in the hammies/glutes lower back? Perhaps a good few stretching and massages classes?

pretty good summary.

I am tight in the left hammy and I haven’t been doing anything particularly explosive for a while.

things to do

  1. stretch more
  2. get stronger
  3. get powerful


rofl at the office chair picture … only now I realize what it means to have low hips :slight_smile:

Your stride length does appear to be fairly small and you are trying to compensate for it by reaching out too far. I would say that you need to work on your hip strength/power.

I agree, he has zero hip height if you look at his avatar its horrible; look very quad dom.