Florida Junior on video

here is a link to Xavier Carter, he tripled at the Arcadia Invite in April (best HS meet in the nation in SO CAL) The vid is him at the FLA State meet. WOW is all I have to say.Enjoy

Fantastic! Is it true that he ran heats and finals for a total of 6 races all in one day?

Incredibly, it is true!
Great job finding video for this race fastdude!

Funny, b/c I just watched the video of Bob Hayes on the anchor of the relay in Tokyo (?) on another link here, and then found this. Striking resemblance… this kid is dynamite!!! I wish him the best!!!

“Get his 200-get his 200.”
“I didn’t get it-28.1?”

Hehe. I think that’s what they said.

Guy is really good. i wonder what kind of training he does?

Who knows what his full potential will be. Maybe he can be the next “Big Thing”

BUt What i notice about these amercian highschool guys that run these fast times…the majority of them stay where they are at. Some do. hopefully he is one.