Florence Griffith-Joyner

I seen somewhere that Ben Johnson ran 9.70 wind assisted in the 80’s just wanted to know how Charlie felt about that run and anything else bout the race that we don;t know.

Was he sore after this huge PB (albeit wind-assisted)?
Who else was In this race? Is that the second fastest 100m ever recorded? I only know of Obadele Thompson’s 9.69 being faster…

Are there any extremely fast 200m which are wind-assisted or beat the world record but never recorded

Man oh man your asking some questions and a half there Kweli!
Let’s start from the top, you’re right about Ben running 9.70s windy in the 80’s. In fact it was in 1987, on the 24th January in Perth,AUS.
He had the help of a +3.5m/s wind-assistance.
The race was hand-timed, but it has been said that the hand-times were very accurate, almost as accurate as F.A.T times.

I don’t know who else was in the race,that’s gonna take some research, but from what I’ve heard Ben was virtually running on his own due to the quality of the rest of the field.

It is the amonst the equal 2nd fastest 100m of all-time(if we take into accounts wind-assistance over the limit and hand-times/manual times any conditons, any time-recordings, etc.), and the equal fastest ever by hand-timings/manual timings.
The fastest time on record by either hand or manaul is 9.7s by Donovan Powell(JAM), Carl Lewis & Olapade Adeniken they went 1,2,3 in Houston on 19.05.1995

Other windy manual 9.7s are; Osvaldo Lara(CUB) (+3.8m/s in 1982), Rod Mapstone(AUS) (+6.8m/s in 1996) and also by Sayon Cooper(LBR) (+8.1m/s in 1998)

And yes only Obadele Thompson’s(BAR) 9.69s windy (+5.7m/s in El Paso on 13.04.1996)

Wait I’m explaining all this here are some good links:

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Oh yes,and not forgetting the main page:

Check it out.
The site will defenitly answer many of your questions.

wHY IS fLORENCE gRIFFITH Joyner the title of this thread.

There was a discussion in the forum awhile back about her 10.49 100m performance I think, some people seem to think it was wind-aided?