Flexible shoes?

Anyone know of any shoes as flexible as the Nike JSC’s? (Apart from the Maxcat’s)
I mean the whole of the shoe and not just the plate.

What I need is a shoe that doesn’t force me onto my toes. The test I do is to put all my weight on my toes so the heel is lifted off the ground and then force the heel back again. If the toes remain on the ground all is well.

Anyone try the Adidas Meteor SP? They are on sale for 30$ right now.

Or what about the mid-distance Zoom Shift’s? (Not the Shift Fly’s) They seem to have the same plate as the JSC’s and Maxcat’s.

Soz Thor - no idea - praps hopefully someone who does will take the time to answer ur post - hint hint!

I have the meteor sp’s for sprints, and they seem to be pretty flexible. I bought them for doing 60s every once in a while as an alternative to my LJ spikes, and they have held up alright.

i know, i´m little late on this, but i´ve just bought some shoes that is very flexible ( compared to others i have )
It´s a Techstar from Adidas, but i believe you can´t buy this model anymore.
But, why you need a flexible spike ?

I don’t anymore. My technique was a mess when I started this thread, but now all is well. I can use whatever spikes I like.

Good 4 you !! :wink: