Flax oil

where can i find high quality flax oil for low price on the internet and which brand? I went to the local health stores and the prices are kinda high.

Try Beverly Intl

I thought flax oil should be kept away form and we should just use fish oil.
Due to the “progestogens” (sp.) like in soy???

I thought that the only good flax oil was the kind that you find in the refrigerated specialty foods section because if left at room tempature it goes rancid. If it doesn’t go rancid at room temp then I’d assume there are preservatives at work that you probably wouldn’t want if you were even looking in the direction of flax oil.

Flax oil is good for many things but like all good things you have to take it in moderation of course. Remember you only live once so don’t worry so much about little things.

Flax oil is good for you since it is high in omega 3s, probably a bit too much but it depends on how much 6s you consume from other source. Udo’s choice is probably a better choice which I ended up getting.

Udo himself recommends people start off on flaxseed oil for the first 6 months to bring about a favorable omega 3:6 ratio, then switch to Udo’s Choice oil.
Remember that flaxseed oil should be taken along with sulfur containing proteins such as natural yogurt or cottage cheese for proper absorption and utilization. You don’t want to overdo the flax oil. 1tblsp per day is enough, unless you’re trying to treat some medical conditions such as prostate cancer, in which case you take 2 tblsp per day.

I take my flax oil right before bed and last night I forgot to put it back in the refrigerator so it stayed at around 66-67 degrees for around 11 hours. Can I go by taste to check for rancidity or is it too risky and I should just throw the whole bottle out and buy another?

Bump. I don’t want to be taking trans fats every night.

Udo recommends taking Udo’s Oil 2 TBS a day… I’ll try flox oil later. Thanks for the infomation about taking it with sulfur compounds.

Leaving flax oil out in room temp doesn’t produce trans fat. However, it does produce high amount of free radicals, thus making flax oil taste like shit! Did you put it back right back in? You could try and taste it. If it doesn’t make you feel like throwing up, it’s okay. I could be wrong though.

Trans fats are accomplished by adding hydrogen ions to saturated fats which requires special equipments used by big companies for junk food craps which are virtually everywhere. Unbelievable… US GOvt and FDA are barely doing anything about it yet they went beserk on ephedra use. Hypocritics…

Oops sorry…free radicals. Anyway, it tastes fine, but I’d just like to make sure that I can go by taste on this.

If you left it out- throw it away! Also buy smaller size bottles so they won’t have so much time to spoil after opening.

Damn, I was afraid of that. Thanks you.