flawed REP POWER

First of all I am not complaining because I worked hard for my rep#.
But how is it that I have a rep# of 26 hard earned points w/ 151 posts and CF has 5000+ posts w/ a rep power of 10???

First of all, his # should be infinity, KK, PJ, Speedz, Duxx, TC0710, Mortac, and a few others should probably have some of the highest. There are more people but I cannot remember them all. Based partially on the depth of dicussion and theories, content, and posts.

Just something to keep in mind, when I first saw rep power as a new member, this would further validate ones input on a topic to me. Also, I assumed this was advice from the CF SITE, not just from a individual. SO rep power should be some what of a dictator of the validity and weight of ones input on a given topic.
just a thought

I think mine was locked so you guys wouldn’t dump on me too hard!

CF-just change yours to a symbol meaning “been there, done that”

How about: “Can’t get me!”

I like that
or “don’t even wanna see me”
translation- trust me, you don’t want none!
Whatever the case, come up with sumthin!

By the way, I will be submitting a thread that will be dealing with one of my former sprinters who is away on a dual track/soccer scholarship but not excelling at either. It is about her lack of accel an how it is affecting both sport’s performances. Please help and do know that I have finally persuaded the secretary of the Ath Dir to order CFTS, Vancouver, GPP, and Speed Trap/ training for speed. I will be submitting my order to them next week.