Flat-Footed Sprinters

Has anyone out there got flat feet?Or has anyone out there trained someone with flat feet?

If so do they generally have more problems with technique, amount of training etc.

Finally, in general are flat-footed athletes just as likely, biomechanically to reach an elite level in sprinting.:karate:

I think flat feet is heavily associated with pronation of the foot. I have seen photo’s of Mark Lewis-Francis sprinting, and noticed how much he pronates. It’s fairly significant amount. Also since 1998, Ato Boldon has tended to strike the track with a flat foot. Nothing really to suggest the structure of his foot is flat, but his heel was very close to the track when his foot struck the ground. He’s not on his ‘toes’ or the balls of his feet as much as alot of other sprinters out there.

The level of pronation is likely to be dictated higher up the leg.