Flat Feet

My left foot is beginning to go flat. This has also caused that ankle to fold inwards slightly.

There is no pain involved, but I’d still like to fix it. Has anyone ever experienced this problem? Any suggestions on what I should do?


A few questions:

How old are you? Age is a factor in “curing” you.
Why do you want to fix something that is not painful and apparently not hindering your running? The cure may be worse the flat foot.
Has this been a gradual process of foot flattening? Or has it been something that happened suddenly? A gradual process may be related to tendon lengthening, and sudden proces may be related to ligament rupture.

I’m 17 years old, 6’2, 195 lbs

I want to fix it because my left and right sides aren’t balanced, and I’m sure that is a potential injury. I don’t really get pain, but I get a weird feeling when ever I play a sport or run in a counter-clockwise direction (this exagerates the turning of the ankle).

I don’t think it happend suddenly, I think it took about a year. After gaining 25 lbs in my off-season then playing lacrosse again with lots of running, I think that caused the problem. I noticed my left ankle leaning inwards probably about 9 months ago. But it wasn’t until September/October that I noticed that foot was now flatter.

I hope this helps

I would see a specialist to see for sure if one side is “not as balanced” as another. For something that is not painful, and may be related to increased activity and weight gain, simple OTC insoles may be the only option. Of course, a competent specialist can recommend any stretching and strengthening exercises if any imbalance exists. Hope this helps!

Go and see a specialist. Get your gait checked out and also get your hips checked out. If you plan on pushing yourself hard without a sound body they expect more crap down the road.