Flanders Indoor Gent 2005

Uitslagen Flanders Indoor Gent 2005 06-02-2005

Mannen, 60 m, reeks 1

  1. Ronald Pognon (Fra) 6.64
  2. Morne Nagel (ZAf) 6.67
  3. Erik Wymeersch (Bel) 6.69
  4. Olusoji Fasuba (Nig) 6.70
  5. Markus Poyhonen (Fin) 6.72
  6. Nathan Bongelo (Bel) 6.85
  7. Chris Lambert (GBr) 6.90
  8. Erik Nkansah (Gha) 6.90

Mannen, 60 m, reeks 2

  1. Deji Aliu (Nig) 6.60
  2. Freddy Mayola (Cub) 6.66
  3. Simone Collio (Ita) 6.68
  4. Luca Verdecchia (Ita) 6.71
  5. Lee-Roy Newton (ZAf) 6.73
  6. Anthony Ferro (Bel) 6.77
  7. Tim Abeyie (GBr) 6.79
  8. Harry Adu-Mfum (Gha) 6.86

[b]Mannen, 60 m, finale

  1. Ronald Pognon (Fra) 6.51 Beste WJP
  2. Olusoji Fasuba (Nig) 6.55
  3. Deji Aliu (Nig) 6.57
  4. Morne Nagel (ZAf) 6.60
  5. Freddy Mayola (Cub) 6.60
  6. Simone Collio (Ita) 6.62[/b]
  7. Erik Wymeersch (Bel) 6.70
  8. Luca Verdecchia (Ita) 6.71

Mannen, 200 m, reeks 1

  1. Johan Wissman (Zwe) 21.13
  2. Chris Lambert (GBr) 21.23
  3. Massimiliano Donati (Ita) 21.34
  4. Patrick Stevens (Bel) 21.37

[b]Mannen, 200 m, reeks 2

  1. Guus Hoogmoed (Ned) 20.96[/b]
  2. Paul Brizzil (Ier) 21.32
  3. Tim Abeyie (GBr) 21.42
  4. Mathieu Schoeps (Bel) 21.50

Mannen, 800 m, reeks 1

  1. Arnoud Okken (Ned) 1:46.82
  2. Miguel Quesada (Spa) 1:48.02
  3. Jimmy Lomba (Fra) 1:48.03
  4. Adil Hadj Hadou (Fra) 1:48.55
  5. Tim Rogge (Bel) 1:49.25
  6. Paskar Owor (Oeg) 1:49.41
  7. Justus Koech (Ken) 1:52.48

Mannen, 800 m, reeks 2

  1. Mbuluane Mulaudzi (ZAf) 1:48.05
  2. Michael Rotich (Ken) 1:48.84
  3. Tom Omey (Bel) 1:50.03
  4. Thomas Planque (Fra) 1:50.15
  5. John Litei (Ken) 1:50.58
  6. Andrew Brown (GBr) 1:50.61
  7. Tom Vanchaze (Bel) 1:50.79

Mannen, 1500 m, reeks 1

  1. Daniel Kipchirchir Komen (Ken) 3:35.61 Beste WJP
  2. Mulugeta Wendimu (Eth) 3:40.89
  3. Benjamin Kipkirui (Ken) 3:42.44
  4. Abdelslam Kennouche (Fra) 3:43.18
  5. Boujemaa Stouti (Mar) 3:44.16
  6. Matthieu Vandiest (Bel) 3:44.16
  7. Tom Van Rooy (Bel) 3:45.42
  8. Pedro Esteso (Spa) 3:45.80
  9. Colin Costello (Ier) 3:46.17

Mannen, 1500 m, reeks 2

  1. Joeri Jansen (Bel) 3:41.15
  2. Paul Korir (Ken) 3:41.40
  3. Tim Clerbout (Bel) 3:42.57
  4. Roberto Parra (Spa) 3:42.88
  5. Samuel Nwera (Tan) 3:43.67
  6. David Fiegen (Lux) 3:43.77
  7. Benson Esho (Ken) 3:43.86
  8. Vincent Le Dauphin (Fra) 3:44.05
  9. Vickson Polonet (Ken) 3:44.30
  10. Daniel Spitzl (Oos) 3:44.64
  11. James Kangogo (Ken) 3:47.16
  12. Peter Kosgei (Ken) 3:52.03

Mannen, hinkstapspringen

  1. Jadel Gregorio (Bra) 16m87
  2. Yoandri Betanzos (Cub) 16m60
  3. Nathan Douglas (GBr) 16m50
  4. Karl Taillepierre (Fra) 16m48
  5. Michael Velter (Bel) 16m46
  6. Fabrizio Donato (Ita) 16m21
  7. Tosin Oke (GBr) 15m49

Vrouwen, 60 m, reeks 1

  1. Kim Gevaert (Bel) 7.21
  2. Johanna Manninen (Fin) 7.26
  3. Joice Maduaka (GBr) 7.36
  4. Sylvie Mbala (Fra) 7.46
  5. Sylviane Felix (Fra) 7.58
  6. Eline Berings (Bel) 7.59
  7. Sandra Swennen (Bel) 7.62
  8. Birgit Rockmeier (Dui) 7.67

Vrouwen, 60 m, reeks 2

  1. Christine Arron (Fra) 7.17
  2. Jeannette Kwakye (GBr) 7.32
  3. Marion Wagner (Dui) 7.34
  4. Carima Louami (Fra) 7.45
  5. Pascal Van Assendelft (Ned) 7.46
  6. Elisabeth Davin (Bel) 7.57
  7. Nancy Callaerts (Bel) 7.62
  8. Amelie Hyighes (Fra) 7.63

[b]Vrouwen, 60 m, finale

  1. Christine Arron (Fra) 7.14 Beste WJP
  2. Kim Gevaert (Bel) 7.19
  3. Jeannette Kwakye (GBr) 7.27
  4. Johanna Manninen (Fin) 7.31
  5. Joice Maduaka (GBr) 7.35[/b]
  6. Marion Wagner (Dui) 7.40
  7. Sylvie Mbala (Fra) 7.42
  8. Carima Louami (Fra) 7.45

[b]Vrouwen, 200 m, reeks 1

  1. Jacqueline Poelman (Ned) 23.62
  2. Sylvanie Felix (Fra) 23.85[/b]
  3. Elodie Ouedraogo (Bel) 24.20

Vrouwen, 200 m, reeks 2

  1. Donna Fraser (GBr) 24.12
  2. Fabe Dia (Fra) 24.23
  3. Carole Kaboud Mebam (Kam) 25.30

Vrouwen, 800 m

  1. Sandra Stals (Bel) 2:01.28
  2. Tatyana Petlyuk (Oek) 2:01.90
  3. Mayte Martinez (Spa) 2:01.91
  4. Vriginie Fouquet (Fra) 2:02.27
  5. Laetitia Valdonado (Fra) 2:02.58
  6. Agnes Samaria (Nam) 2:02.66
  7. Brigita Langerholc (Sln) 2:03.65
  8. Lotte Visschers (Ned) 2:04.18
  9. Mina Ait-Hammou (Mar) 2:05.57
  10. Shanna Major (Bel) 2:06.43

Vrouwen, 3000 m

  1. Lidia Chojecka (Pol) 8:49.91
  2. Maria Martins (Fra) 8:51.76
  3. Viola Janowska (Pol) 8:52.01
  4. Veerle Dejaeghere (Bel) 8:53.57
  5. Bouchra Ghezielle (Mar) 8:55.17
  6. Nuria Fernandez (Spa) 9:03.83
  7. Jacqueline Martin (Por) 9:08.27
  8. Vera Notz (Zwi) 9:41.04

Vrouwen, hoogspringen

  1. Marta Mendia (Spa) 1m92
  2. Emma Green (Zwe) 1m89
  3. Corinne Muller (Zwi) 1m89
  4. Deirdre Ryan (Ier) 1m86
  5. Susan Jones (GBr) 1m86
  6. Maroula Papageorgiou (Gri) 1m83

Mannen, BK 4x200 m

  1. HAMM 1:49.63
  2. VITA 1:49.81
  3. RCAS 1:52.74

Vrouwen, BK 4x200 m

  1. VAC 1:29.47
  2. MOHA 1:32.65
  3. KAAG 1:33.52


French sprinters supreme and a new 1500m star revealed in Gent

Monday 7 February 2005

Gent, Belgium – French sprinters held sway setting world season 60m leading times at last night’s Flanders Indoor – IAAF permit - meeting which took place in the Topsporthal Vlaanderen.

The other highlight was the emergence of yet another kenyan 1500m talent with a world leading time being run by 20 year-old Daniel Kipchirchir Komen.

Arron versus Gevaert

The build-up for the eagerly awaited sprint confrontation between France’s Christine Arron and local heroine Kim Gevaert was perfect as both won their 60m heats. The French woman came off the track with the psychological advantage of scoring the fastest time in 7.17 while Gevaert ran 7.21. A big roar went through the stadium when the speaker announced ‘Kim Gevaert’ as the starters lined-up for the final, with the crowd’s favourite running in lane 5 against her big opponent Arron in lane 4. The Belgian was the better starter but Arron irresistibly made up ground in the latter stages of the race and stormed through the finish as a winner in 7’14", the best in the world so far in 2005.

Any colour of indoor medal will do for Christine Arron

“Running against Gevaert in front of her home crowd didn’t disturb me at all. It just gave me the high level race that I needed to improve on my season’s best performance of last Friday in Eaubonne,” said Arron. “I suspected Kim could be the fastest starter, but the best part of my race was yet to come. Of course my aim is to become the European champion, but any medal will do. Up until now, I haven’t won any indoor championship medals in my career.”

Kim Gevaert was also more than satisfied with her result: “Last year I ran 7"29 in my first competition, now I am already a tenth of a second faster. Things can only go better through the next races, after I get some technical details right. I feel ready to break my personal best in this indoor campaign, because I will get fresher all the time.”

Pognon adds to French success

Ronald Pognon made it an immaculate sprinting record for France in Gent when he took the men’s 60m in a world leading 6.51. Even his race pattern was the same as Arron’s, with the French sprinter coming a little sluggishly off the blocks.

”In fact, I consider myself mainly as a 200m specialist,” confirmed Pognon. Indoors I concentrate on the 60m, because I need to work on my acceleration phase. When I ran 6.57 the other day despite a dreadful start, I was confident that I had this kind of performance in my legs. A few days ago I still thought reaching the European 60m Indoor final had to be my ambition, perhaps I should aim for more now."

A young and an experienced Nigerian stepped on the rostrum with Pognon: Olusoji Fasuba took second in 6.55, Deji Aliu was in third in 6.57.

Daniel Kipchirchir Komen rises as the new 1500m star

In the middle distance races the biggest tactical effort had to come from the meeting organisers. They had to split up a large and strong field in the men’s 800m and 1500m in two heats.

The first 1500m race was ideally paced by Brasilian Osmar Dos Santos, but that didn’t prevent Daniel Kipchirchir Komen to surge into the lead after only 500m, leaving the pack way behind. Ethiopian Mulugeta Wendimu, then lying in fourth position, was completely knocked out by the sprinting move of the young Kenyan and fought a lonely battle to finish in second place.

The 20-year-old Kipchirchir Komen’s emphatic win was rewarded with a world leading performance of 3:35.61.

“This is only the second indoor race in my life”, explains golden Daniel. “I can run much faster than this if only somebody could pace me through the first 1000m in 2’14”. I’m in shape to smash my personal bests in the years to come. I made my international debut at the Liège meeting in Belgium last summer where I won a 1500m in 3’34". It’s time to restore Kenya’s pride in the 1500m and I’m ready to do so."

World indoor champion Paul Korir attacked in force in his 1500m heat as if he wanted to match the performance of his young compratiot earlier on. In the last lap Korir faded dramatically and allowed Belgian Joeri Jansen, fanatically cheered by the local crowd, to move past in the final straight.

Mulaudzi is surprised by Rotich

In the 800m, favourite Mbuluane Mulaudzi was caught in a trap when Kenyan Michael Rotich deliberately slowed down at the 400m mark to make it a tactical race. The South African Olympic silver medallist was left with all the work to do and had to struggle harshly to win in only 1:48.05. Meanwhile Dutch Arnout Okken took home an earlier heat in 1:46.82.

“I’m disappointed”, said Mulaudzi, “I expected to run better today, but I didn’t feel comfortable at all. I never prepare for indoor racing and I am a bit left on my own in this European circuit.”

Sandra Stals produced one of the most determined races of her life when she took the lead in the women’s 800m with 2 laps to go. She held off late charges from both Brigita Langerholc and Agnes Samaria and won in 2:01.28, only one day after being beaten into second in Erfurt by Jolanda Ceplak.

Jadel Gregorio and Martha Mendia jump to victory on the infield

The men’s 3000m ended in confusion. When the leading group came running into the finish, an official rang the bell and the athletes continued for an extra lap, while the following group ended their race. Unofficially, the leaders clocked 8:19.75 over 3200m, but the jury couldn’t do anything else but cancel all the results and leave the organisers with a huge problem to solve.

The pace in the women’s 3000m was injected by Corinne Van Beek and by Bouchra Ghezielle, but it was only until Lidia Chojecka came in the lead, that the race unwinded. The Polish favourite showed great authority in the last lap and won it easily, while Maria Martins from France came back from fifth place to take the silver.

The men’s Triple Jump never really came to life as too many jumps were followed by a red flag. Cuban Yoandri Betanzos took the lead in the third round with 16.60m, but was countered in the 4th round by Jadel Gregorio with a 16.54m effort. The Brazilian extended his lead with a winning 16.87m in the 5th round.

Emma Green from Sweden and Corinne Muller from Switzerland had no failures in the women’s High Jump until the bar was placed at 1.92m. Spanish Martha Mendia was lucky to be the only athlete to clear both 1.89m and 1.92m in her very last attempts to finally win the competition. Her further attempts at 1.95m looked all but convincing.

The tight bends in the Topsporthal don’t make life easy for 200m runners. In the first heat Sweden’s Johan Wissman had to work hard to beat Chris Lambert in 21.13, but in the next heat Dutch Guus Hoogmoed was able to break the 21 second barrier from the outside lane in 20.96. Jacqueline Poelman completed the Dutch overall 200m triumph beating Sylviane Felix and Donna Fraser in 23"62.

Ivo Hendrix for the IAAF