Fish Oil Sources

Thought I’d drop a line out there for those of us that can’t afford Clemson’s preferred Sears Oil. He wrote in a past post that Clearwater was a good brand to go with as well, and with a little work I’ve found that Clearwater is the supplier for Health from The Suns $8 liquid. I was sent what is “supposedly” an independent lab test too, no mercury which is a big concern of mine.

Thought you might like to know.


I am now a in water that seems cloudy…After talking to my biochemist…grade of fish oil can range greatly and still be pharmacuetical grade. Purity might say it’s mercury free but he said something about DHA quality. 200 might not equal 200 of a better company. I don’t know the details but the results seem clear. (no pun).

best just to get it from the source then :smiley:

I don’t get the joke brad…explain.

no joke, just get your FISH oil from its source.

Nothing beats heading off the north point of Fraser just at the bottom of the great barrier reef to catch some blue fin :smiley:

Just remember to bring your sea legs and leave your fish oil capsules at home :wink:

I can’t afford to buy the Sears stuff so I just do with my 12 Holland and Barrett caps a day.

Costly stuff - I never knew it was so difficult to wring some oil from a fish!!!

no 23, why not get the Health from the Sun liquid? Most def. the cheapest way to do it…even though it tastes sorta nasty you get used to it.

Thanks for the reply Clemson. If I could afford to try Sears for 3 months or so I would, but I can’t. Trying some of your diet ideas right now though, my last med school rotation left me with a nice layer of fat everywhere.


I ain’t a stud that’s why!!!

Can’t stand liquid oils man - and don’t even start trying to convince me.

I do use Flaxseed in my Protein shakes from time to time but even that tastes like … well … what it looks like - and that’s it no other oils for me.

Oh point for those of you using Flaxseed oil - be very careful with the qty’s used per day!!!
I reccomended to someone to use it as a fat source and they did - but unfortunately they figured on the more the better - well lets say fibre wasn’t an issue for a day or two!!!

i was at a john berardi seminar a few weeks back and asked him some specific questions about fish oil and he wasnt one way or the other on the pharm grade. one thing he did say, was that athletes should aim for 3gms per day (divided dose) of epa/dha combined.


I know you tried udo’s oil. what do you think of it?


Check the Q & A section of Poliquin’s site. In one of his answers, he gives a list of fish oil brands that he recommends. I just received my bottle from Natural Factors two days ago. We’ll see how it goes.

udo’s is a good oil, but fish oil and flax are better choices. check out this article right here

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Thanks for the link, Nightmare.

Much appreciated.

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