First Years Training

Thanks for the reply aln, as for what you’re saying yeah, it is kinda hard, especially at aour age (I turn 25 tomorrow) and I’ve gotten really competitive in my old age, however I find that during training I have a “certain” respect for my mates, considering that they all have at least 1 year training on me if not more, considering I only started training seriously in Feb. So I don’t try to “race” them, but I do try to “catch” them a bit every day, for example on some days my reaction time is better and I catch them that way, other days I’m a little stronger and I catch them a bit in the accel. phase (as in they don’t get away as fast). And other days my recovery is better between runs.

As for the clawing, I mention it as the “pulling back” force during foot contact, I haven’t really developed it in the sense that I don’t push with all my contact, through to my toenails (at least that’s how I think of it)

The results aren’t gonna be up on the Fedachi site until the end of the week, they’re usually lazy and I wouldn’t be surprised if they published the times wrong (they did it for me). As for the 4 x 100 Chile 1st place Argentina 2nd and Brazil didn’t run in the mens in the women… I don’t remember but they told me today

Todays training was funny, I raced to the track to get there on time and I saw noone on the track, until I walked onto the track and saw Richard (my coach) and Carolina (Carolina Diaz) sitting on the track stretching. So I jogged on the grass and stretched to catch up to her, so we could train together on the track. I stretched and was getting ready to run when richard said… “ok let’s hit the weight room” (I was blown away, I had my hopes on running… oh well)
Squat Jumps 40kilos
2 x 10 & 2 x 8
Circuit Standing Leg curl, Abs, Hypers
4 x 10 (each leg, one leg at a time. I noticed that my left leg is either weaker or slower cos it was a lot tougher to move the 45lbs that I was moving)
4 x 30 abs
4 x 20 hypers
Bench Press (first time I’ve done this since I started training in Feb)
2 x 8 (as fast as I can) at 30 kilos
2 x 4 (as fast as possible) at 50 kilos
These had me “jumping” off the bench from planting the momentum into the weights.

After this I went out onto the track and busted out a few ascentions
3 x 50 mts
3 x 60 mts
These felt really good, because I was starting nice and slow with a really long stride, and as I accelerated the stride length stayed the same and the frequency increased and felt really smooth. Also I didn’t end up out of breath during the first 4 ascentions, but the last 2 had me puffing a bit.

Anyway… Tomorrow I turn 25 (a quarter of a century… damn I’ve gotten old without noticing… but I still look damn gooooood :wink: ) and I’m training tomorrow as well.

I’ll keep y’all posted, Cheers

Tuesday 27th April

Uni left me wasted and really tired, so I decided to go home early and sleep, I’m still not in bed, but I’m training tomorrow.


Today was Weight Testing Day

I warmed up with a nice 10 minute jog, and stretched out thinking that since I’d already done weights on monday today would be a track day…, my mistake.

Richard (my coach) said… Son, today we’re gonna find out how strong you are for real. My reply… “…ok”

So we went at it and I pumped out the following stats:
Squat 160 kgs
Bench Press 75 kgs (I was feeling sore from having done bench on monday for the first time since december, so I reckon I should’ve been able to push out 80. There was a time when I did 80kgs for 6 reps with no probs, but those times seem to be gone, doen’t matter, I’ll get back there soon)
Deadlift 100 kgs

For all the metrically challenged those numbers mean:
Squat: 352 lbs
BP: 165 lbs
DL: 220 lbs

This is all at 1.73 mts tall and a body weight of: about 67-68 kgs (I haven’t weighed myself for a while I’ll post my real bw tomorrow friday)

Today was an odd tempo kinda day.

Ran 200, 150, 100, 80 mts all at a “tempo-ish” pace.
There were three of us running all at the “same” pace, with a difference of about 1-1.5 metres between each of us.

the 200 was really smooth
the 150 was also really smooth (good knee lift, and arm relaxation)
on the 100 richard said that I ran it poorly, I was “overstriding” but maintaining a good “float”
The 80 I busted it up a notch to about 80-85% and that made richard happier.
I think he wanted to include that as some sort of accel or speed work in the runs, since I haven’t run all week, but I have to admit muy body seems to be adapting really well to these tempo runs, and is aiding in my recovery between speed and accel work. At least I’m not as wasted by the end.

Got the shin splints again… oh well… ice and “diclofenaco” if it gets too bad, or alternatively “ibuprofen”.


Well, 160 kgs - Squat for a under 70kg guy sounds good ( 2.2 BW rate ), mainly for who that don´t lift since december 2003.
Is 1/2 or Full Squat ? 1 Rep or 2 Reps ?

It was a 1/2 squat and only 1 rep.

Today was weights day.

Jog, Stretch and three basic exercises:

Bench Press 3 x 10 at 50% max (37.5 but I actually did 40kgs) and 3 x 8 at 60% which is 45 kilos
1/2 Squat onto toes same setup 3 x 10 at 50% (80 kilos) and 3 x 8 at 60% (96 kilos)
Deadlift onto toes also 3 x 10 at 50% (50 kilos) and 3 x 8 at 60% (60 kilos)
Finished with a jog and a stretch.

Cheers, I’m gonna go have a shower and study cos I got two tests tomorrow. One Endodontics and one Fixed Prosthesis.

Have fun and I’ll see you on the track

Hi Alex,
how was your tests ?
Alex, i´m curious about your last weight session,
you did sets of 10 reps right ? At what speed you performed this reps ?
It was a fast weight session or a regular bodybuilder work ?


Thanks for asking flying, the tests were ok, not too bad, not too good. Like a typical college student I studied a little the night before and on the bus on the way to class (it’s a 1 hour ride) plus… hold on… I got to the test… LATE!!! (damn public transport).

As for the weights work, it was all done as fast as I could go with the weight, however, still controlling the weight.

Today (tuesday 4th) I didn’t train cos I got out of class at about 7:30 pm (it was already dark out) and I got home at 8:40 pm (I managed to sleep some on the bus).
I have another “test” tomorrow. I have to either take a test or do a presentation on: Pre-cancer and cancer of the oral cavity, Leucoplasia, Lichen planus and other oral pathologies. I guess I’m gonna have to memorize a lot tonight. Plus! on friday I have another test, this tie periodontology and that one’s gonna be really heavy.

Well i don´t know about you Alex,
but for me, when i spend some time ( or a day ) studying college issues the track other day appears more and more interesting and enjoyable,
i don´t know why, but it´s almost like a “homesickness”… :slight_smile:
even my times and technique seems evolve.
But this happens just with 1 day off ( and of course, some stretch performed during the bath…) :smiley:
I guess it is due an emotional matter .

Today was a really cool day. I was completely off my rocker at Uni and all I wanted to do was get to the track. On monday I had weights, and I could feel the soreness today, especially in my adductors and my lower back ( I figure it was the deads that killed 'em.

Today I jogged very little, since I fast walked from the bus to the track (about a 10 minute walk) and stretched well today because of the residual soreness.

Went on to do some drills and an ascention before getting to the bone brakers.
today was 5 x 50 in 6.20, 6.12, 6.04, 6.12, 6.06
2 x 80 9.84 and 9.54
1 x 120 14.37.

Analysing this I can tell that I need to work on my speed-endurance, a lot more than the other aspects of training. Anyway, The meet that I’m training for is in october, so I’ve got time.

The good thing was that I started to “feel” when I put out a good run, and It was when I “consciously” applied certain upper body force changes (eg. slamming the arms downward instead of forward)

Cheers, and look forward to reading your comments

Today was a pretty good day, jogged, and stretched reeeeally well.
then hit the weights

1/2 Squat and Bench Press
4 x 4 at 80% (128 kilos and 60 kilos respectively)
4 x 6 at 40% (64 kilos and 30 kilos respectively)

4x 10 standing hamstring raises with 40 lbs (there is a definite diference in speed between the left and right hamstrings, my left one is a lot slower than my right one)

200 abs, and 100 hypers

In between my lifting series I had to do high knees drills, “arm sprinting” and heels to butt cheeks, as fast as possible.

It was alright, but I was a little worried about the time seeing I had a fixed prosthesis test today (tuesday) and a Maxilofacial surgery test tomorrow wednesday, so this also means that today tuesday, I didn’t train, but tomorrow I’m blowin up the track!!!

Warmed up with a 10 minute jog, alongside my “team-mate” Fernanda Makenna, this girl can run!!! She’s 17 and runs the 400 in 55 flat, and she’s gonna break it any day now.

Stretched and chatted about life, and was hoping for maybe a speed workout, or an accel day… but alas today was…

1 x 1 x 16, translation, 1 minute easy jog, followed by 1 minute run followed by a slow, etc… for 16 minutes
This was obviously cool for the first… 6 minutes after that the slow got really slow and the fast stayed fast. By the end the one minute recovery felt like nothing, but we finished it pretty well, my coach was laughing his ass off 'cos he knew that both Fernanda and I are really competitive so we would push each other as hard as we could, and that was his idea at pairing us up today.

Cheers all

I’ll be back tomorrow!!!

Since my coach and my training buddy left today to go to the Rio Gran Prix and the Gran Prix in Belem (also in brasil) (Felipe Castillo, he’s running in the 4 x 100) I was really envious, and wanted to improve. Apparently I musta have visualized this all day, cos I was talking to a friend of mine, and said, I’m running my 150 in about 18.4 - 18 flat, if I run under 18 flat I’ll be really happy and feel that my training is really working.

So today was 3 x 150 DAY!

THe day was pretty cold, so I warmed up, and stretched, and then I stepped onto my lane…

1st 150 - 17.30 I was jumping with joy!!! It felt really easy and smooth, and fluid, I didn’t feel my hips going up and down, so I assume they were moving less up and down. This Became my new PB.

2nd 150 - I Thought… OK let’s try to stay with the new PB, and hammered out a 16.74!!! ABSOLUTE NEW PB!!! I was so bloody happy, and the coach that was timing me (cos my coach is in Rio, enjoying the sunshine!!ha) said that I took the curve fairly average, that I could improve on that. I was stoked.

3rd 150 - A dissappointing 17.51, but remembering what Charlie said about an athlete banging out a new PB (especially when the improvement is significant) that the CNS gets wasted, I accepted it, plus after the first hundred metres I felt my speed drop, so I knew It wasn’t as fast as the 2nd.

So now I’m really happy and have tomorrow to recover, then on saturday I train again.

Cheers guys and I hope to hear from you!!!

Write again on sat!!!

training the last 2 weeks has been pretty ho-hum, and I had one competition last week, the inter-faculties meet its a competition within my college between the other faculties.

ok, in training I pushed out some nice easy 150’s at what I assume is my new base level, I’m running them all pretty comfortably at 17.5x.

The meet was pretty cool, there were two series: A and B. A was for athletes that have represented the university in that event, and B was for people that are only representing their faculties.

I ran in the A series against the guys that are running the best times in Chile, I had to run against a mate of mine from the relay team from my faculty, who last year consistently beat me, and this year… things changed.

There were only 12 runners in the A series so we ran two series. In my series I was set up in lane 4, and Samuel (my mate) got put in lane 6. He started a lot better than me getting about 1-1 1/2 metres in front of me through out the first 80 metres after which he started to slow down, and it seemed that I maintained my speed or decellerated less than him, and passed him at the line running in a 12.15 FAT, 0.03 secs faster than him.

After that I had to do long jump between the first series and the final of the A series, and whilst the 5 series of the B series and the women ran the 100.

In the LJ I participated in the B series… and won (I’ve never jumped before) and pulled a nice 5.37mts, and consistently jumped over 5.20mts.

In the final of the 100, I ran in 6th in 12.06, not very happy, hoping to dip under the 12, but that’s ok, next time.

Next post is what happened today (02/06/04)

Today was awesome, I got to the track nice and early, warmed up well, stretched well, all the while people were running around preparing the stadium for the sunday soccer match between Chile and Brazil (my money’s on brazil).

My coach asked me how I feel, and my obvious answer was : “good” so he said today you get broken down 2 x 300mts at full speed.

Obviously since I’m a 100-200 runner (that’s a self appointed title) so 200 and up is tough for me.

I ran the first one in really cold weather, and ran it nice and smooth, at the end I was really wasted, but instead of increasing frequency I tried to keep it smooth and power it out. this run wasn’t timed, but the next one, run 15 minutes later was and I ripped it out in 38.06, which left me pretty happy.

I almost forgot to post what I did on wednesday, but since I didn’t write it down, I’ve forgotten the times, but I do remember they were:
3 x 30, 3 x 50 and 2 x 80.

Today was nice and simple 5 x 50 and 3 x 80
Trained with the faculty track team (if you can call it that, we’re not really a team yet, but we have until october to pull together as a team)

the 50’s were all in the 7.3-7.5 range, but either I was running really smooth or there was a problem with the timing in the 80’s (it was HT) these all came in the 8.5-8.9. this made me really happy, but to be perfectly honest I was really leaving the other runners behind.

Cheers, gotta go party, talk to y’all on monday night If I train (monday is a public holiday, these suck cos the track is closed and I can’t train!!!)

Good training man, keep it up!

By the way, I saw some pictures on the site of the Cochabamba GP, there is a pic of Maria Echeverria from Chile, WOW :eek: :eek: she’s really beautiful, and I thought there were some fine girls running here in Argentina! Now I know why I want to be good enough to go to Guaita next year! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah she’s really nice, but her boyfriends a HUGE mofo. I’m not sure if he’s a thrower a vaulter but he’s big.
She’s currently the best female 200 mt runner we have here in chile (I think).

But I always thought the women in argentina were hotter than here in chile. Oh well I’ll just have to visit you and you’ll have to visit me and we’ll have to compare!!