First step start

As a hockey player, when I do my sprints, I start all of them from a two point stance. Anyhow, I feel I have to take two steps before I can get any power in my drive. As I’ll almost always have momentum when I play hockey, should I worry about the power right in the start of my sprint in the first step or two? Also, could this just be that my CNS is tired/low from lifting heavy and sprinting?

Thank you.

The problem is that you aren’t in a proper sprint position if you are just standing there then start sprinting. You can’t generate any force towards the ground. You can use falling starts, lying starts, stomp-the-ground starts, 3-point starts or flying starts to get in a better position. The Fundamentals I DVD goes into the stomp starts and arm movements, falling starts are where you just lean forward until you lose your balance then take-off. Flying starts are in the GPP DVD. Arm movements are very important in starts. A variety of different starts is the best in my opinion.