Finnish Training Book...don't understand

Does anyone know where or how I can get a book translated to english :confused: :confused: ?There is a picture of Ben and Carl on the front, just in case anyone is familiar with this Finnish book.



Do you mean the book “Nopeus- ja nopeuskestävyysharjoittelu” by Mero? I’ve read it, but can’t help you with the translation :frowning: I can translate the title however, it goes… speed and speed endurance training :smiley:

Thanks…That’s I didn’t even know that much! :wink:


Funny, I’m just reading that book. Can’t help you anyway.

maybe you can sum up it here, so we can discuss some of the main point of interest

Is there an english translation?

Is there an english translation?

No, I don’t think so. The book was published in 1987 so some of it’s info may be a bit old. What makes the book interesting is that it’s based on finnish research. However, I think that the fundamental principles of the book don’t vary that much from what you guys have learned from CF. I haven’t read any of his books so far so I can’t be sure, but don’t be too sad if you can’t find the book in english :smiley: