Fine Tuning


I just need some fine tuning on my workouts, any help will be appreciated:

  1. CLA - should i use it and if so when should i use it? i am currently taking it once a day, should i take it morning / afternoon / night / before training / after training?

  2. I currently am using the HIIT training cycle to reduce my body fat, its working perfectly, now can i work this into my weight training day of gym instead of every second day? If so before I train or after? Should i do a cool-down 5 minute cycle after doing HIIT on a stationery bike? Or would that slow my metabolism?

  3. I`m currently using a foot spa/massage twice a day because my ligaments are slightly inflamed, any reason not to use it?

  4. I do stability (swiss balls) every four days / in between my weight training days and rugby practice, also any reason not to? I myself have seen a remarkable change on field which i assume comes from having a stable core.

5)Should you supplement Creatine on a non training day?

Thanks alot!!!

Herb, i get sponsored CLA, and its a good fat isnt it? Thats why i use it, What would you suggest i do instead of Swiss Balls?

CLA is not in my top 5 or 10 for supplements. What are you aiming for in using it? You can use 3g of creatine per day. No more is neeed.

Swiss ball??? No comment. Haha.

use glutamine?

also if i`m on a diet to reduce my body fat percentage, should i stay away from insulin ie eating high GI foods / drinks after training?

Neo, im not a sprinter, im a rugby player, and arm strength plays a bigger role, also i have been out of rugby for almost two years, my core stability is pathetic, i specifically asked for swiss ball excercises, in season in a scrum i get more benefits from using leg press than squating because of the pressure / bruising on the back of my neck, in winter i squat.

instead of saying why is he doing this or saying that, why not tell me why its wrong in your opinion? It would be more helpfull!

Why does this very good coach have you perform bicep curls, leg presses and swiss ball exercises?? also has it but I don’t know if its the most recent copy.

Remy, the address is :
You won’t find Facts and Fallacies of Fitness at Amazon. Dr Siff only printed them in small quantities due to the fact that he regularly updated the content of the book. Very sadly, Dr Siff passed away last month. It was an incredible loss.
You should be able to buy both his books (Supertraining and Facts and Fallacies of Fitness) through the new moderator of the list David Driscoll. His email is Make sure to ask for the 2003 edition - the last edition to ever be printed.

Neo, how do i join the supertraining list? ill have a look for that book on amazon, ill get the core stuff out the archives read thru them as well


Remy, I talked about the leg press on the leg press thread under ‘strength training’.
As far as the swiss ball is concerned, contrary to popular belief, it does not increase core stability, it actually decreases it. It increases peripheral stability, however, an increase in stability on an unstable surface has never been shown to increase stability on a stable surface. It would really be worthwhile you joining the Supertraining list and doing a thorough search of the archives under ‘core stability’, ‘swiss balls’ etc. Also buy Dr Mel Siff’s “Facts and Fallacies of Fitness” book. It dispels so much of the BS which is so prevalent in the world of therapy and fitness at the moment.

Charlie, Hansie Coetzee is Morne Nagels coach, he also coaches Clinton Venter, Surita Febbraio, Corne Du Plessis, Hendrik Moganyetsi, Geraldine Pillay, Wendy Hartman Seegers, Veronica Welgemoed, He was in europe when Ben was there, massaged him a couple times, kicked the soccer ball around with him once or twice, Hes a very good coach, He used to coach alot of the rugby teams as well.


Okay i`ll try translate:


6 x 150m at 90%
Rest 3-4 minutes after each


4 x 200m at 90%
Rest 5-7 minutes after each


1 x 250m, 1 x 200m, 1 x 150m, 1 x 100m
Rest 5 minutes after each


1 x 60m, 1 x 80m, 1 x 100m, 1 x 150m, 1 x 100m, 1 x 80m, 1 x 60m
Rest 5-7 minutes after each


3 x 250m at 90%
Rest 8 minutes after each

One of the above must be done within 72 hours of each another one, (if that makes sense!) This is my monday & wednesday training

See attached Post Tuesday


Incline Bench Press 8-6-4-4 - 10 x Pushups in between reps

Bench Climb (almost like a Step-Up ( but you keep on top of the bench and put your one leg down then step up etc) 4 x 8reps (8 per leg)

Stomach 4 x 1minute (4 different stomach excercises, a minute each)

Back 3 x 15reps

Katrole (i dont know the english word) its when you strap the cable on your ankle then proceed to hold onto the ballet bar then lift your knee up as high as possible , hard to describe.) 3 x 10reps

Snatch 4 x 4

Lateral Jumps 5 sets

Please see attached picture for Tuesdays workout

Can you post your weekly workout schedule in detail?